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Adhesive Tape for Coolers / Freezers

Item number: 20.2564.2

Product highlights

  • 12 mm or 19 mm width
  • double-sided adhesive tape made of PP film carrier and acrylate compound
  • suitable for permanent bonding of scanner rails or markings in cooler / freezer areas
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • ideal for use at temperatures between +10°C and -10°C
  • high adhesive strength on surfaces such as steel and aluminium
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Colour white
Width 19 mm
Roll length 50 m
Version double-sided

Product Description

The equipment of freezer areas with scanner rails, warehouse markings or information signs often causes problems. Bonding with conventional adhesive tapes requires a normal room temperature and is therefore difficult to implement.

The innovative deep-freeze adhesive tape tesa® 51920 makes things easier. It is especially suitable for permanently affixing advertising media, scanner rails, and labels in cold areas. The white, double-sided adhesive tape consists of a PP film backing and an acrylic compound and is available in widths of 12 mm or 19 mm.

Conventional adhesive tape textures often lose their adhesive power at temperatures below +10°C. This is precisely where the effectiveness of tesa® 51920 freezer adhesive tape begins.

The special adhesive tape is perfectly suited for use in cold temperatures down to -10°C due to its special adhesive mass. Benefit from the high and long-lasting adhesive force on surfaces such as ABS, aluminium or steel and fix the scanner rails in your frozen food area in the future with the special deep-freeze adhesive tape.


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