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Ballpoint Pen "Spray Pen"

Item number: 40.1999.1

Product highlights

  • ballpoint pen with transparent container and atomizer
  • ideally suited for filling with disinfectant solution
  • advertising lettering on request
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Material ABS/tip; ring,clip metall
Size approx. 149 x 18 mm
Colour white

Product Description

Let the "Spray Pen" ball pen help you with your hygiene precautions. Fill a disinfectant into the transparent container and the ballpoint pen with included spraying device is ready to start. A short spray into the hands or for quick disinfection of everyday objects - the ballpoint pen "Spray Pen" is immediately at hand!
Carry in your handbag or trouser pocket not only a practical writing instrument but also an ideal hygiene product.

Disinfect the handle of the shopping trolley, door handles or the workstation with short sprays. The pen is supplied unfilled.

Use the ballpoint pen "Spray Pen" also as a promotional gift and let your give-away be provided with an individual inscription. We would be pleased to make you an appropriate offer.

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