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Banknote Counter "Safescan 2465-S"

Item number: 10.0061.12

Product highlights

  • reliable and lightning fast banknote counting
  • automatic value counting of mixed banknotes
  • save time thanks to the add, bundle and count functions
  • Testing of 7 security features
  • guaranteed 100% reliable
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Colour grey
Dimensions 311 x 261 x 195 mm
Standard currency EUR, GBP, CHF, PLN, SEK, NOK, USD
Count/Sort speed 1.000 /min
Weight 6.5 kg
Connection 230 V
Application banknote
Automatic currency recognition no
Guarantee 3 years
Portable usage no
Face and orient counting no
Serialnumber scanning no
Reject pocket no
Batch function yes
Add function yes
Recognition method UV, MG, MT, IR, CD, SD, TD
Value counting yes
Value (mixed) counting yes
Sheet counting yes
Alarm when suspect banknote is detected yes

Product Description

The banknote value counter "Safescan 2465-S" uses the latest technology for counterfeit detection. The device is used for automatic value counting of mixed banknotes. Save working time with the adding, bundling or counting function. Seven advanced security features of today's currencies (UV ink, infrared ink, magnetic ink, metal thread, color, size and thickness) play a role in the verification.

This technology is so reliable that it even detects double and half notes. So you know with 100% certainty whether a banknote is genuine or a counterfeit. The device is exclusively designed for counting and checking banknotes and bills. It is suitable for handling different currencies.

With the passage of time, updates of currencies keep taking place with the issuance of new banknotes. This does not pose any complication to the use of the banknote value counter. Updates and upgrades are done via USB cable or micro SD. The banknote counter can therefore be used to check old and new banknotes.

With a counting speed of 1000 notes/minute the banknote counter helps in every checkout area. The examination with UV light and Co. provides for a fast as well as reliable counting and examination. Save yourself the tedious manual checking or counting of banknotes. Rely on an automatic execution for a lower error tolerance rate and relief of the employees.


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