Barrier Post "Light"

  • with black, yellow or red post
  • base can be filled with sand or water
  • black, red or blue belt
  • extendable to 3700 mm
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Material plastic
Material of base plastic, can be filled with water or sand
Diameter of post 83 mm
Tape extends to 3700mm
Tape width 5 cm
Base diameter 380 mm
Total height 970 mm
Weight 8.0 kg

Product Description

Conspicuous and versatile is our barrier stand "Light".
With this guidance system you can choose the colour of the posts and a coloured belt if desired.
The offered red or yellow posts catch the eye directly. However, in many industries the discreet black post is also preferred. Choose from our range of products here.
Whether in departure lounges or in front of entrances: with the help of barrier posts you can easily keep customer rushes in order and avoid unloved crowds and chaos.
Fill the plastic base either with water or sand. This gives the barrier post a particularly high stability.
Due to the weatherproof plastic material of the base and post, the "Light" guidance system can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications.


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Variants Post colour Tape colour Item number Price    
black blue black
80.0010.162 111,90 €* view Article »
black black black
80.0010.163 111,90 €* view Article »
black red black
80.0010.164 111,90 €* view Article »
yellow blue yellow
80.0010.165 111,90 €* view Article »
red blue red
80.0010.166 111,90 €* view Article »
yellow black yellow
80.0010.167 111,90 €* view Article »
red black red
80.0010.168 111,90 €* view Article »
yellow red yellow
80.0010.169 111,90 €* view Article »
red red red
80.0010.170 111,90 €* view Article »
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