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Barrier Post "Stopper-Point"

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Product highlights

  • sturdy and stable
  • exquisite design
  • belt extension 2.5 meter
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Material aluminium
Surface anodised
Material of base aluminium
Tape extends to 2500 mm
Tape width 50 mm
Diameter of post 65 mm
Base diameter 330 mm
Height 972mm
Weight 7.4 kg

Product Description

The "Stopper-Point" barrier stand is perfectly suited to demarcate certain rooms, define distances or track queues. With its stability and simple design, the barrier post is ideal for indoor use. It is used at trade fairs, in hospitals or at airports.

The article shown above is used in a wide range of applications. The flexible barrier post is easy to place and can be moved quickly and repeatedly. Thus, a certain area can be demarcated at short notice or situations can be reacted to spontaneously.

With a belt extension to all four sides, there are no limits in the barricading and demarcation. The belt can be extended to a length of 2.5 metres. Due to the dark colour, the belt easily separates from the posts and background so that the barrier cannot be overlooked. The belts remain securely hooked in during use.
After use, the mobile barrier can be stowed away to save space with removable barrier posts. When stowing it away, a screw is loosened at the bottom of the post. Then the two foot plates and the post can be detached from each other. The belt is then safely stowed inside the article.

The high mobility of the barrier post is defined by its material properties. The entire stand is made of silver anodised aluminium. Due to the lightness of the aluminium the post weighs only 7.4 kg and is at the same time extremely stable. The stability is guaranteed by a base with a diameter of 33cm.


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Variants Post colour Tape colour Item number Item No. Price      
silver black silver
80.0423.17 98,80 €* view Article »
silver red silver
80.0423.27 98,80 €* view Article »
black red black
80.0423.28 98,80 €* view Article »
black black black
80.0423.31 98,80 €* view Article »
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