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Boogie clinic - The Anti-Virus Pen

  • made of patented hygienic plastic
  • with silver or plastic tip
  • permanently germ-free surface without disinfection
  • tested against bacteria and viruses including MRSA, AER, ESBL and Legionella ISO 22196 and ISO 21702
  • G2 large capacity refill (1.0 mm) in blue
  • advertising possible on request
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Barrel material hygiene plastic
Colour white
Writing colour blue
Mechanics twist ballpoint pen

Product Description

The patented, germ-free plastic has been used for years in everyday clinical practice.
Now it is also available in the form of a ballpoint pen.

Pathogens such as germs and viruses are killed on the surface without re-infection. And that over the entire period of use!
Through the process of photocatalysis, which describes a chemical reaction set in motion by light irradiation, pathogens are directly eliminated on the surface of this ballpoint pen. The additional effect of humidity creates an acidic environment, which has a similar effect on the ballpoint pen as the natural acid mantle of the skin.

The 100% antimicrobial and antibacterial surface of the Boogie Clinic Anti-Virus pen remains unrestricted. The pen is kind to the skin and causes no side effects. No zinc-copper or silver ions and no nanoparticles are used in the production process.
The writing length of the integrated blue refill is approx. 5000 m.

By using this pen, unlike with conventional pens, no viruses (including corona viruses), fungi, bacteria or multi-resistant germs are transmitted.
An ideal solution for public authorities, medical practices, insurance companies or everyday office life with many colleagues.

We would be happy to print your idea on the Boogie clinic ballpoint pen. Please ask and receive a corresponding offer from us!


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