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Material hygiene plastic
Colour white
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Product Description

An innovation from clinical research:
The hygienic plastic.
This special plastic has been in clinical use for medical devices for several years now and eliminates germs and viruses without tolerances. The pathogens are killed quickly and completely, before they can develop resistance. This works through the purifying power of light and is scientifically called photocatalysis. Light, in combination with embedded metal oxides, creates a hail of free oxygen radicals, which kill all pathogens on the surface of the pen. A double effect occurs in connection with the humidity of the air. It develops an acidic environment that completely dissolves the pathogens. This self-cleaning surface works similar to the natural acid mantle of our skin. This effect remains unrestricted for an unlimited period of time, occurs immediately and is kind to the skin.
There is no need to disinfect the pens after use. The surface remains germ-free! This effect has been scientifically confirmed and is patented worldwide!
100% antimicrobial and antibacterial
- protects against viruses, including corona, fungi, bacteria and multi-resistant germs
- tested against bacteria and viruses including MRSA, AER, ESBL and Legionella ISO 22196 and ISO 21702
100& Biocompatible
- no side effects and skin tolerable
- no nanoparticles
- no zinc-copper or silver ions

Lifelong effect!
incl. G2 large capacity refill (1.0 mm) in blue
writing length: approx. 5000 m

Advertising application possible on request!


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hygiene plastic
hygiene plastic
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glossy silver metal
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