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Camping Lantern Duracell Explorer LNT-10

Item number: 40.1392.2
  • dimmable LED lighting
  • handles for carrying and hanging up
  • weatherproof case
  • advertising on request
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Number of LEDs 16 x Super Clear LED

Product Description

An absolute must-have for every camper and every angler!

Use the Duracell Explorer LNT-10 lantern for any outdoor trip.
The LED light can be dimmed to suit your mood and can be adjusted to provide the perfect light intensity for any occasion.

The individual LEDs provide a particularly large amount of light and will not leave you in the dark.

The lantern is robust and weatherproof. A damp forest floor, cold or a spontaneous rain shower will not stop the Duracell Explorer LNT-10 lantern from giving you light.
The practical handle helps you to transport it or allows you to attach the lantern to your tent when camping.

Also take advantage of the possibility of an individual advertising imprint.


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