Product Development & Design

First comes the concept!

  • take your idea
  • add our capabilities
  • and create a product

The team at VKF Renzel will guide you from the initial idea through to positioning at the point of sale. Your sales adviser will work directly with our product designer.

This means:

  •  Speed
  •  No loss of information
  •  High quality standards

1. CAD drawing

Product development is necessary because of changes in the market, demand analysis and particular customer requirements. The first step towards a new product begins with the specifications from the customer, which are prepared in collaboration with our sales staff. Various methods are used to generate ideas which then lead to a visualisation and the first graphic representations and sketches. CAD programs enhance the hand drawn outlines and create a 3D model which can be sent electronically to the customer. These models are virtually developed and given physical attributes.

The next step is a technical drawing. Using the model as a guide the developers at VKF Renzel create visualisations and exploded views, write assembly and installation instructions and design presentations and animations. Additionally the item is introduced to the customer with a project description. This, together with the help of design, dimension and function testing, determines whether the product fulfils its requirements. Where necessary the customer can make changes and approve production of a sample.

2. Prototyping

VKF Renzel uses "Digital Prototyping" to run functional analysis, kinetic simulations and assembly verifications on the computer. Based on these computer models a Rapid Prototyping machine creates the first plastic sample within hours. If this prototype satisfies the customer the serial production can start and a new product is born.

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