Car Rubbish Bin "Trashy"

Item number: 40.1387.1
  • space-saving storage and foldable
  • for storing garbage in the car
  • to be fastened by means of fastening and hook and loop strap
  • advertising on request

Product Description

Funny, innovative and yet not yet widespread.
This advertising material is in the starting blocks and will convince not only you but also your customers.
In the future, no more chewing gum paper will fly aimlessly into the centre console and even the empty coffee mug will find its place directly.

Whether for frequent drivers such as business people, taxi drivers and commuters or the family on holiday - the "Trashy" waste bin is a useful addition to the vehicle interior.
The trash can is compactly foldable and can even be stored in the glove compartment. If required, it can be unfolded in no time at all thanks to the easy-open system and can be fixed in the car. The fastening strap helps you do this. A hook and loop strap on the bottom of the "Trashy" car waste bin provides additional slip resistance.

Advertise with the imaginative solution. We would be pleased to implement an advertising inscription for you. Please contact us!


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