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CO2 Traffic Light "Audio-Vision"

Item number: 10.0548.6

Product highlights

  • CO2 detection, detection accuracy ± 50ppm (+ 5% reading)
  • temperature detection, detection accuracy ± 0.5°C
  • humidity detection, detection accuracy ± 5% RH
  • with red-yellow-green light indicator & voice alarm
  • fast and intuitive reminder function
  • automatic brightness adjustment by built-in light sensor
  • backup battery life more than 48 hours
  • can be placed on the desk or mounted on the wall
Product details »


Material aluminium / plastic
Colour white
Outer size 99 x 99 x 37 mm (W x H x D)
Room size up to 70 m²
Sensor CO2, temperature, humidity sensor
Light colour green, yellow, red
Finish suitable for standing / wall mounting
Measurement range 400 - 5000 ppm
Measuring range humidity 0.0 - 99.9%
Measuring range temperature 5 - 50°C
Connection with plug-in power supply (5V / 0,5A)
Weight 250 g

Product Description

High precision CO2 infrared sensor with digital temperature and humidity sensor chip for indoor CO2, temperature and humidity detection.

All measured values are shown on the device display. If the measured value is above the preset alarm value, this is indicated in the form of red-yellow-green lights and an audio hint.

Ideally suited for use in schools, offices, warehouses and also residential premises.


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