Disinfection Gel "Clap your Hands", 50 ml

Item number: 40.1897.1

Product highlights

  • handy to stow in any pocket
  • optimal for hand cleaning on the road
  • printing on 4c-label possible
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Effect bactericidal
Dimensions 44 x 86 x 24 mm
Content hand sanitising gel
Fill quantity 50 ml
Print / motif incl. 4c label

Product Description

The "Clap your Hands" gel is ideal for disinfection on the move. The antibacterial hand cleansing gel is handy, fits in every pocket and protects against pathogens, germs and bacteria.

You are on the road, come into contact with countless different objects and would like to wash your hands? In such situations, there is often no suitable opportunity nearby to thoroughly clean your hands. Our portable disinfectant gel can easily remedy this. It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

Frequent disinfection not only contributes to well-being, but also protects against pathogens. Many diseases can be contained by frequent hand washing and disinfecting of the hands. Protect yourself and your health with this little tool that has an antibacterial effect.

The disinfectant gel is practical and everyone is grateful for a chance to disinfect their hands on the way. Exactly these characteristics are the perfect prerequisites for using the article as a promotional gift or give-away.

You can personalize the article with a printable 4c label with your logo or slogan and use it ideally as a promotional item. The bottle with transparent flip-top cap has a very simple design, which makes the label with your advertising message stand out perfectly.

The utilization of the printing area can be ideally planned by requesting a stand sketch. The preliminary printing costs are included in the price.


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