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Display Case "Economy"

  • Optimally suited for outdoor use
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Comfortable upward opening of the door, supported by gas pressure spring
  • Locked by security locks with 2 keys each
  • Front panel made from ESG safety glass with weatherproof rubber seal
  • Torsion-free, angular aluminium construction with internal corner connectors
  • Incl. 10 strong magnets
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Material aluminium
Safety glass yes
Surface anodised
Colour of back panel grey
Depth (outer) 70 mm
Opening pivoting
Opening direction upwards
Back panel magnetic
Features with pneumatic springs
Fixing wall or stand mounting
Freestanding optional
Lockable yes
Number of locks 2
Ventilation no
Weatherproof yes
Guarantee 5 years

Product Description

This wall-mounted glass display case is ideal for presenting content outdoors. In a simple construction made of aluminium paired with ESG safety glass, your contents are perfectly visible. The article can be set up as a wall version or also in combination with posts at the place of use. Select the display case in the layout you require.

The frame of the article is an angular aluminium construction with an anodised finish in aluminium-silver. A front pane made of safety glass (ESG) with a weatherproof rubber seal is incorporated into this construction. Thus, the display is ideally protected from wind and weather.

Your inserts are protected behind the pane. Depending on the selected size, you can display individual A4 or large-format inserts here. The exchange of these inserts is possible within shortest time. The gas pressure springs and automatic locking mechanism installed as standard make it easy to open the folding wing.

The upward opening of the hinged door enables weather-protected replacement and adjustment of the notices. Reliable posting is possible due to the integrated safety lock. Present important information, advertising notices or posters. Versatile in use, the glass display case "Economy" is a permanent advertising and information opportunity.

You also have the option of ordering the showcase including lighting. The lighting with LED modules ensures that your inserts are visible around the clock. Even at night or on dark winter days the information is still visible. In addition to the lighting, we can also offer you a lettering of the info box.

Decide on our glass display case "Economy". Attach the model to the wall at the desired height. Or opt for a free-standing display case with posts.


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Variants Layout Illumination Item number Item No. Price      
3x A4 no 3x A4
12.0001.310 334,00 €* view Article »
6x A4 no 6x A4
12.0001.311 383,00 €* view Article »
8x A4 no 8x A4
12.0001.312 434,00 €* view Article »
9x A4 no 9x A4
12.0001.313 428,00 €* view Article »
12x A4 no 12x A4
12.0001.314 469,00 €* view Article »
15x A4 no 15x A4
12.0001.315 505,00 €* view Article »
21x A4 no 21x A4
12.0001.316 635,00 €* view Article »
27x A4 no 27x A4
12.0001.317 720,00 €* view Article »
3x A4 yes 3x A4
12.0001.366 406,00 €* view Article »
6x A4 yes 6x A4
12.0001.367 480,00 €* view Article »
8x A4 yes 8x A4
12.0001.368 555,00 €* view Article »
9x A4 yes 9x A4
12.0001.369 545,00 €* view Article »
12x A4 yes 12x A4
12.0001.370 590,00 €* view Article »
15x A4 yes 15x A4
12.0001.371 630,00 €* view Article »
21x A4 yes 21x A4
12.0001.372 745,00 €* view Article »
27x A4 yes 27x A4
12.0001.373 790,00 €* view Article »
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