Shop Window Design Set 3

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  • 5 variable "Cubes" - 2x black, 3x white
  • Bases and covers to create 3 strong plinths
  • Insert frame "Multi" A1 including print on photo paper
  • Also ideal for small display windows
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Product Description

Simply and daintily this display window design shows what's coming up!

Highlight your products on the "Cubes" included and benefit from an organised design even in a small display window.
A classy but dissipated effect is generated by the black/white mix of EasyCubes.
Remain true with your product display or add funky accents – you decide what passers by get to see!

And if you change your mind next season, you can still use our EasyCubes system with its versatile accessories.
For an attractive outdoor display you have our system up your sleeve.

The Insert Frame "Multi" included in Display Window Set 4 makes it easy to exchange A1 prints to support your changing display. The frame can be mounted to the ceiling or wall using the fixings included. To learn more about the technology and equipment please give us a call.

Use the frame to advise your customers of discounts before they enter your shop or to inform them about new products. Our set 4 can be located in display windows which are not at floor level or positioned in an alcove. The space can still be used well. With the dimensions of a single "Cube" of 400 x 400 x 200 mm (W x D x H), you can set up your exhibition platforms at a low height.
Make sure that your customers notice you even here!
Price without decoration.


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