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Display Window Design Set 4

Item number: 80.0902.13

Product highlights

  • black and white column design through 8 "Cubes"
  • accessories for the design of 2 EasyCubes- columns with shelf
  • rear wall pop-up system "Stretch" including digital print on both sides
  • bilateral advertising and foreclosure of the sales area
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Product Description

Elegantly present your range of products with Set 4 in your display window.
Your products are displayed prominently and effectively on black/white EasyCube columns at eye level for customers.

With the help of the 8 "Cubes" with individual dimensions of 400 x 400 x 200 mm (W x D x H), two exhibition platforms for your articles were created in this shop window concept.

With the simple base units your products come to the forefront. The black/white design of the display column subliminally breaks up the display and draws in the attention of those passing by.

In addition this concept impresses with its double-sided back wall. This means you are advertising to those outside your shop as well as those already inside. What do you think: would it suit your shop concept to have a different digital print on each side? Let us know your requirements.

Due to the optical division of the sale room with the pop-up system, Display Window Set 4 also offers a starting point for a themed window. Let passers by dive in to a winter wonderland or create a fresh flower meadow. Put the passing public under your spell!
Price without decoration.


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