Drink Vending Machine "Lemgo" - AUTOMATically sell more

  • adjustable temperature up to 4° Celsius
  • contactless payment options
  • individual compartment widths
  • back-friendly removal of goods
  • easy to use touch screen
  • gentle transport of the goods
  • inventory can be viewed online

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The Vending Machine for Refreshing Beverages

Offer your customers cold, refreshing drinks around the clock. With the integrated cooling system, you can regulate the temperature down to 4° Celsius. Your goods are stored professionally and clearly visible. Your customers can use contactless payment options as well as cash as a means of payment. Increase your customer service with independent opening hours, increase your sales.

Vending Machine “Lemgo“

Advantages at a glance

Payment methods

contactless payment with card, smartphone or smartwatch

Adjustable temperature

built-in cooling up to 4° Celsius

Lift system

careful transport of your goods and products

Online Planning

define offers and discounts online

Customised solutions

Individual shelf widths up to 300 mm


manageable, viewable and controllable online


easy to operate due to modern touchscreen display

Shopping cart function

several articles can be purchased simultaneously

Advantages for you

  • easy control of discounts and promotions
  • sell automatically 24/7
  • up to 60 different products available at the same time
  • different shelf widths for offering different products
  • theft protection optionally available
  • exterior surface can be used as advertising space by means of foil coating (renewable)
  • sensitive lift for the gentle dispensing of goods
  • alignable due to adjustable feet
  • touch screen can be used for advertising videos, ads or up-selling
  • create and promote product packages
  • images, videos and data can be stored in the cloud
  • age check via identity card or EC card
  • stocks and statistics available online
  • different languages can be created

Advantages for the customer

  • clear and user-friendly display
  • back-friendly removal of products at a comfortable height
  • attractive illumination of products with LEDs
  • different languages selectable
  • display of products on the screen in groups or randomly
  • accessible at any time
  • cool and temperature-regulated products available for purchase
  • various payment options
  • contactless payment with EC card, smartwatch or smartphone
  • shopping cart function: select several products, pay once
  • appealing design
  • clear product videos and product suggestions
  • current offers and sale promotions
  • simple operation

Different payment methods

Customers have the option to choose from a variety of payment methods. Payment flexibility ranges from cash and credit cards to contactless payment.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment is not only hygienic, but also simple, progressive and fast. Payment can be made by card, smartphone or even smartwatch.

Interactive Touchscreen Display

The easy-to-use touch screen offers great possibilities in advertising and pitching to customers.

Back-friendly removal of goods

A removal compartment at a convenient height makes taking out the goods very back-friendly.

Online inventory management


API interface


Video embedding by VKF


Online statistics


UV protection film 
sun protection for your products

With an appropriate protective film, your products are protected from UV rays and remain high-quality in the long term.
UV protection film for the vending machine

Privacy film
Ideal for age verification

Only in combination with the verified age check is the opaque film switched transparent and the customer gets a look inside the vending machine.
Privacy film for the vending machine

Impact protection film
protection against vandalism

Make your vending machine impact-resistant with an appropriate film. This film is an effective protection against vandalism.
Impact protection film for the vending machine
Product description Article number
Vending Machine "Lemgo"
incl. coin changer and banknote reader (black / white)
Vending Machine "Lemgo"
without coin changer, w/o banknote reader (black / white)
Extension unit slave module "Lemgo" (black / white) 74.0018.27
Contactless payment module for "Lemgo" 74.0005.1
Age verification card reader for "Lemgo” 74.0020.4
Electronic privacy film for "Lemgo”
(only in connection with age verification)
UV protection film for "Lemgo" 74.0030.1
Impact protection film for "Lemgo" 74.0030.2
Impact protection pane for "Lemgo" 74.0024.1
Premium branding for "Lemgo" (full foiling) 74.0035.1
Basic branding for "Lemgo" (foiling of the front) 74.0035.2
Antifreeze heating for “Lemgo” 74.0012.8
Outdoor display "Lemgo" 74.0014.20
Outdoor case for "Lemgo" 51.0326.2

Services Basic 74.0006.5 Premium 74.0006.6
Registration Cloud Access by VKF Renzel
Online data management
Online article maintenance (prices, pictures, texts)
View inventory online
Download online statistics
Manage online discounts & promotions
Automatic notification in case of shortfall in quantity
Manage multiple vending machines via cloud access
API interface for coupling to enterprise resource planning
Receipt via e-mail to end customer
Initial setup by VKF Renzel*
Complete article installation by VKF Renzel**
Embedding of videos by VKF Renzel**
Product integration in the vending machine and initial loading***
*     Before delivery
**   Pictures, videos, prices and texts must be provided by the customer
*** Please check with us if available in your country

Detailed Briefing

Comprehensive Service Package

Attractive Design

State of the Art Technology

We will be happy to advise you on your options for sales promotion with vending machines.

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