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Exhibition Wall Set "Grand Fabric"

Item number: 80.1082.1

Product highlights

  • easy to assemble
  • comfortable to transport
  • 2 spotlights for attractive illumination
  • printing included
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Frame material aluminium
Frame colour silver
Width 2940 mm
Height 2400 mm
Depth 570 mm ( incl. base )
Counter width open: 1240 mm, closed: 730 mm
Counter height 980 mm
Counter depth open: 600 mm, closed: 450 mm
Counter print digitally printed panel, ready-made
Back wall print one-sided print, white back
Features ready-made slip cover incl. zipper at bottom
Features 2 counter incl. wheels, black countertop
Accessories incl. 4 shelves, 2 spotlights for back wall

Product Description

The offer includes:

- a large Expand GrandFabric (294x240 cm) back wall printed on one side
The back wall is very easy to assemble: just click the frame parts together, pull the fabric cover over it like a pillowcase, zip it up and fasten the feet. Done!

- two Expand spotlights (LED)

- the spacious Expand PodiumCase counter, where you can both welcome your customers and present your products. Inside it has removable shelves where you can store your brochures and demonstration products. The Counter is a two-in-one solution - you can also use it as a wheeled transport bag for your back wall and materials for your events - just put it in your car and drive to the next event or trade fair.

(The printing for the back wall (one side) and for the counter is included in the price)


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