Fidget Spinner in Bright Colours

Product Description

Let the new trend gyroscope cast its spell over you.

In case of stress, nervousness or inner restlessness, this little hand gyro will cool you down.
Lean back and let your thoughts circle with the spinner.
The Spinner has a high-quality ball bearing made of stainless steel. So the hand spinner turns especially softly and continuously.

Grab the middle part with thumb and index finger and let the Fidget Spinner spin in your hands. With optimal handling the rotation time is about 2 minutes.

We would be pleased to attach an advertising inscription according to your wishes on the small hand roundabout.
Grant suppliers, customers or the running public a little relaxation for in-between times and use the spinner as a colourful advertising medium.
So your business partners will subconsciously think of you again when they want a short relaxation.


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Variants Colour Item number  
orange orange 40.1414.1 view Article »
black black 40.1414.2 view Article »
white white 40.1414.3 view Article »
blue blue 40.1414.4 view Article »
lemon lemon 40.1414.5 view Article »
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