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Gift Tower "Summerfeeling"

Item number: 40.2281.1

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Dimensions approx. 75 x 193 x 75 mm
Content mocktails, ice cream, juniper berries & peanuts
Print incl. 4c Euro scale

Product Description

Are you also longing for summer, chilled drinks or a delicious fruit ice cream?
With the customisable Summerfeeling gift tower, we bring summer directly to you, your employees and customers!
Just sit back in your deck chair with a snack box filled with peanuts and enjoy the sundowner with a non-alcoholic frozen mocktail Mojito or Strawberry Daiquiri.
The fruity and delicious Zonama Zebra Ice Mango Passion Fruit in the gift box also provides real cooling.
Still not enough summer feeling? Then refine your favourite summer drink with juniper berries and rock the next legendary summer party with the gift tower as a souvenir.

The individually printed box contains:
- 1 Frozen Mocktail Mojito 0 % Alc, 65 ml;
- 1 Frozen Mocktail Strawberry Daiquiri 0 % Alc, 65 ml;
- 1 Zonama Zebra Ice - fruit preparation to freeze yourself in the Mango Passion Fruit variety 50 g;
- 2 paper straws;
- 1 test tube filled with juniper berries, 14 g;
- 1 snack tin filled with salted peanuts, 60 g
Depending on availability, individual contents may be replaced by comparable products.
Available from June - September, while stocks last.

Price incl. individual 4c print on the box.


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