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Hallway Flag Sign "Madrid"

Item number: 12.0440.14

Product highlights

  • aesthetic, discreet appearance due to filigree aluminium frame
  • flat construction
  • covers made of non-reflecting acrylic
  • easy change of inscription inserts
  • high visibility - ideal for escape route and fire protection signs
  • suitable for screw and adhesive mounting
Product details »


Material aluminium / acrylic
Surface anodised
Colour silver
Outer size 150.5 x 150.5 mm
Size of visible area 144 x 144 mm (W x H)
Insert size 147.5 x 147.5 mm (W x H)
Profile depth 6 mm
Fixing mounted with screws

Product Description

The hallway flag sign "Madrid" projects vertically into the room and is present for people from different directions due to the double-sided inscription option. The high perception by visitors and customers ensures that the signs are also often used for important information such as escape routes or emergency exits. Here, the insertion of a concise symbol is often enough for clarity.

With the hallway flag sign "Madrid" you get a square door sign made of silver anodised aluminium. Your paper insert is pushed into the sign and protected by a cover panel made of acrylic. The basic profile is fixed to the wall with 2 screws. A grub screw on the side secures the adapter profile slid over it, to which the signs are attached.

Discover our door signage as a suitable hallway flag sign for the equipment of department stores, airports or public facilities.

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