Hygiene Station "Sensor-Performance I"

Item number: 50.0353.1
  • hand disinfection for large groups of people
  • contactless operation by infrared sensor
  • German production
  • lockable casing
  • suitable for liquid disinfectant (no gel)
  • suitable disinfectant under accessories
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Operation contactless
Capacity 9 x 5 litre = max. 45 litre
Material aluminium / steel / stainless steel / acrylic
Colour white
Power supply power-supply
Model Tower
Total height approx. 1800mm
Total width 600 mm
Total depth 450 mm
Features without sanitiser

Product Description

The "Sensor-Performance I" hygiene station, controlled by an infrared sensor, is designed for use in heavily frequented areas. This disinfection station can be used for example in supermarkets, at trade fairs, in stadiums or even at festivals. Furthermore, its field of application includes all public spaces such as airports, offices, etc.

Hand disinfection of large groups of people can be carried out easily with this station.

This hygiene station is equipped with the optionally available 5L disinfectant containers (to be found under "Accessories"). In total, up to 9 disinfectant cartons of 5 litres each find space in the lockable housing of the stand. This reduces necessary refills and service work to a minimum. Depending on the dosage, 45 litres of disinfectant can be used by more than 20,000 people with a completely filled display stand.

The hygiene station has a total height of approx. 1800 mm and is made throughout of high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Due to the brakeable rollers mounted on the underside, the stand can be placed flexibly and also fits through any door. Thanks to the infrared technology used, a hygienic and contact-free removal of hand disinfectants is guaranteed at all times. Touching is therefore no longer necessary. Simply place your hands under the sensor and your hands are moistened with disinfectant. In this way the "Sensor-Performance I" guarantees professional and hygienic use in your area of application at all times.

The dispenser with lockable steel housing is operated by a power supply unit. The delivery is mostly assembled, only the attachment has to be screwed to the basic body. The disinfectant is not included in the delivery.

Please use only liquid disinfectant (no gel).

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