Hygienic Stand "Step 4 Kids"

Item number: 50.0360.1
  • operation by foot pedal
  • refillable tank
  • tank capacity: 1 litre
  • for liquid and gel-like disinfectants
  • from 1 piece customizable


Operation manually by foot pedal
Capacity 1 litre
Total height 877 mm
Total width 220 mm
Total depth 370 mm
Frame material steel
Colour of frame grey similar to RAL 7016, matt powder-coated
Material of base steel
Colour of base grey similar to RAL 7016, matt powder-coated
Size of base 220 x 370 mm (W x D)
Weight 9.4 kg
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Product Description

Our "Step 4 Kids" hygiene stand is designed so that your little customers can disinfect their hands completely without hand contact by pressing the foot pedal. The completely contactless operation by means of an uncomplicated and quick foot operation increases the antiviral protection already during use and makes hand disinfection particularly hygienic.
Depending on the version, this hygiene stand has an overall height of approx. 877 mm and is made throughout of high-quality, stable materials. In addition, these disinfection stands are often used in all places where wall mounting is not possible or desired.
Our disinfection stand with foot operation has a capacity of 1 litre. The tank can be filled with liquid or gel-like disinfectant. Thus, this display column is not dependent on any particular bottle size or shape. The tank can be easily removed and, for example, refilled more easily with a canister. The disinfectant is dispensed contact-free by means of the foot pedal. Thus, our disinfectant stand guarantees professional and hygienic use in your area of application at all times.
In contrast to hygiene dispensers with sensor, this hygiene stand works without electricity, i.e. completely mechanically. This saves costs and time, since, among other things, the annoying battery change is not necessary. With a light step on the pedal the right amount of disinfectant is released, which can be picked up by hand without contact. Thanks to its efficiency and the necessary hygiene provided by the foot operation, this disinfection stand is attractive for all trades and facilities visited by smaller and larger crowds. Here the device can already ensure a hygienic stay in the entrance or waiting area.


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