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The discussions on sustainability bring uncertainty, but also a think. Since we also process plastics, we thought about how we would react to them. As a result, we have been dealing with alternative materials for a long time. In 2011, we were the first manufacturer to present a PLA price track. In Austria, our range has included products with the “Bio-Logic” label, which are all made from natural material-based plastics, for over six years. Although the demand was still low at the time, we remained loyal to the topic and continued to expand it further.

1. Products

In order to provide you with a better overview, we have introduced product labelling, which we would like to introduce to you below:

Renzel Nature

Products with this label largely consist of natural and renewable raw materials. Finite raw materials are replaced in this way. In addition to classic material such as wood and paper, there is constant research on the new materials used.

Recycled Material

Products with this label consist of plastic waste or old goods that have been recycled. VKF Renzel regularly checks in which areas the use of recycled materials is possible. This saves resources and continues the material cycle.

Natural Presentation

Products with this label help reduce the amount of outer packaging in retail. In this way, waste is avoided without giving up an attractive presentation for the customer. They also enable consumers to make purchases that meet their needs.

2. Manufacturing

    • Careful planning of the manufacturing processes to reduce wastage of raw materials
    • Introduction of natural resources e.g. corn starch and wood, as well as recyclable materials, ensures environmentally conscious disposal.
    • Careful choice of raw materials, which minimises toxic gases and decomposition products
    • Increasing pack quantities reduces emissions and saves on packaging

    3. Residue & Waste Disposal

      • Sorting of waste products supports recycling through certified disposal companies
      • Energy production by thermal recycling of combustible waste products

      4. Taking Back Plastics

      • For a smooth process and a perfect backflow into the recycling cycle, plastics have to be delivered already sorted, in advance and free of charge.
      • It is not possible to take back foreign materials.

        5. Code of conduct of VKF Renzel

        This Code of Conduct is binding for all employees and suppliers of VKF Renzel and is essentially based on the principles of “United Nations Global Compact“. It combines our requirement of compliance with law and justice, as well as ethical behaviour. The Code of Conduct represents a claim on us, and at the same time, it is a promise to our customers.

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