"MagFix" - The Magnetic Hanging System

Item number: 50.0267.1

Product highlights

  • hanging of advertising media becomes a piece of cake
  • innovative opportunity to present your advertising medium
  • no further assembly aids, such as ladder necessary
  • suitable for all ceilings with metal elements (e.g. drop ceilings)
  • before attaching the system to the ceiling the advertising media will be installed with hooks to the mounting system
  • magnetic fixing of the complete system with telescopic tube 50.0227.9 (available as accessory)
  • supplied with hooks in 3 different lengths
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Material plastic
Colour white / transparent
Length of magnetic rail 300 mm
Hook length 2x 50 mm, 2x 300 mm, 2x 500 mm
Fixing with 2 magnets

Product Description

"Magfix" - This is the suspension system which allows you to position your advertising media in an attractive and freely suspended manner in the salesroom. A must for every retail store.

Interior design and shopfitting today demand practicable and elegant furnishing solutions that combine functionality with elegance and lightness. With this revolutionary magnetic suspension system, attaching the advertising media of your choice becomes more user-friendly than ever before. The innovative magnetic rail can be attached to all ceilings with metal elements, such as an drop ceiling, using the optionally available telescopic tube - completely without ladder or other aids. Thanks to the transparent fixing hooks, which are included in three different lengths, it looks as if your advertising medium is hanging freely in the room.

In addition to the basic elements (magnetic rail, hooks in 3 different lengths) included in the delivery, the following optional items for attachment and presentation are available:
- telescopic tube 50.0227.9 (for easier installation)
- different poster rails for hanging the posters (e.g. 50.0095.1 / 50.0099.1)
- replacement hook for "MagFix" in different lengths (50.0043.1 / 50.0043.2 / 50.0043.3)

The optionally available poster rails as well as the telescopic tube put the finishing touch to our offer.
The poster rails impress with their exclusive appearance and easy handling. Whether used in shop windows or suspended from the ceiling, our poster rails are ideal for any application.
The telescopic tube is a significant simplification when installing the "Magfix" suspension system. Thanks to the extendable tube, the installation of your new highlight within the store is done quickly and effectively.

With our discreet but still stylish magnetic hanging system "MagFix" you can accentuate your posters and advertising media safely and easily.



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