MyKit "Hotel His"


Product highlights

  • small plastic case in different colours
  • contains hygiene products for men
  • practically for every journey
  • all products containing them comply with the applicable EU regulations
  • including full colour print
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Version "Gents"

Product Description

The MyKit "Hotel Men" definitely belongs in the luggage of every man!
If you're saving on luggage - the MyKit must go with you.
All the little things that a man needs for his journey are combined in this set.
Be it the often forgotten toothpaste or the razor. You have thought of everything in one go. Ideal conditions for the next journey!

With this set "Hotel Men" often themed clichés will soon be a thing of the past!

Choose this popular advertising medium as a men's outfitter, hotel chain or travel company. Choose a suitable colour for the plastic case from our range.
A full-colour printed outside label is already included in the price.
Let us know your desired motif.

- 1 disposable razor
- 1 shaving foam
- 1 toothbrush
- 1 toothpaste
- 1 aloe vera cream
- 1 shampoo
- 1 cleaning cloth
- 1 foot gel

All the care products contained comply with the applicable EU regulations.


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Variants Colour Item number Item No. Price      
white white 40.1602.1 6,61 €* view Article »
blue blue 40.1602.2 6,61 €* view Article »
green green 40.1602.3 6,61 €* view Article »
red red 40.1602.4 6,61 €* view Article »
pink pink 40.1602.5 6,61 €* view Article »
yellow yellow 40.1602.6 6,61 €* view Article »
black black 40.1602.7 6,61 €* view Article »
orange orange 40.1602.8 6,61 €* view Article »
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