Organiser Bag, colourful

  • in various striking colours
  • different sizes selectable
  • made of PVC or fibre-reinforced PVC


Material PVC fibre reinforced
Features zipper colour matched foil colour
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Product Description

The practical organiser bags in special colours provide even more clarity in your organisation system. The zippers are also coloured to match the colour selection.
Would you like to use differently coloured bags for various product areas of your company? Or do the green bags in particular suit your company? Make your own choice! Also an appealing idea as an individual advertising product!


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Variants Insert size Colour Item number  
A4 transparent / blue A4
transparent / blue
12.0262.11 view Article »
A4 transparent / green A4
transparent / green
12.0262.12 view Article »
A4 transparent / yellow A4
transparent / yellow
12.0262.13 view Article »
A4 transparent / red A4
transparent / red
12.0262.14 view Article »
A5 transparent / blue A5
transparent / blue
12.0262.15 view Article »
A5 transparent / green A5
transparent / green
12.0262.16 view Article »
A5 transparent / yellow A5
transparent / yellow
12.0262.17 view Article »
A5 transparent / red A5
transparent / red
12.0262.18 view Article »
A6 transparent / blue A6
transparent / blue
12.0262.19 view Article »
A6 transparent / green A6
transparent / green
12.0262.20 view Article »
A6 transparent / yellow A6
transparent / yellow
12.0262.21 view Article »
A6 transparent / red A6
transparent / red
12.0262.22 view Article »
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