OXYLYTHE® Hand Disinfectant, alcohol-free

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Product highlights

  • effectively eliminates bacteria, germs & fungi
  • also destroys viruses (coated and uncoated)
  • without alcohol, pH-neutral
  • non-toxic, non-irritant
  • suitable for all hygiene relevant areas
  • easy to use
  • antibacterial and virucidal
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Fill quantity 10 litres
Finish canister
Size of canister 310 x 196 x 230 mm (H x W x D)
Effect antibacterial and virucidal
Certification halal certified

Product Description

OXYLYTHE® disinfects and sterilises - highly efficient and reliable.

OXYLYTHE® hand disinfectant is a highly effective alcohol-free disinfectant. It has been successfully used as a surface and hand disinfectant for more than 15 years in the food industry, healthcare, agriculture and many other areas where hygiene is important.

Oxylythe hand disinfectant is free of dyes and perfume. It is slightly refatting and effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses (coated and uncoated). It also has proven efficacy against SARS corona. The product consists of approx. 99 % water and approx. 1 % salts and hypochlorous acid. Since no alcohol is used in the composition, the product, unlike conventional alcohol-based disinfectants, is neither flammable nor can it explode.

Contact time: approx. 30 seconds contact time for hygienic hand disinfection. Virus inactivation: Herpes, Rota, Vaccina, HBV, HIV, Adeno, Popova, SARS-Corona

The product has a slight chlorine odor when used. This is absolutely harmless and dissipates within a few seconds!

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