PIXLIP systems like PIXLIP Pop stand for innovation and quality. With modern LED technology the systems provide maximum attention for passers-by, customers and visitors. Even from a distance the systems attract attention and provide a high quality reproduction of your advertising.

PIXLIP Go owes this long-distance effect to highly efficient LED modules. This effect as well as the comfort during the use extends over all PIXLIP systems. Lightweight materials and simple technology ensure easy transport and quick assembly. This is exactly what a modern lighting system means.

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One system for all cases

Light walls and lighting systems of the brand PIXLIP are characterized by brightness, lightness and high quality. Powerful LED's provide a unique illumination. Selected materials and a sophisticated technology ensure ease of use and transport of the PIXLIP systems.

The quality of the lighting systems is shown in their even illumination. Furthermore the systems have a life expectancy of approx. 10 years. During this time the illuminated frame can be equipped with new textile banners as often as desired. In this way it remains up-to-date and unique.

The basic system is simple but effective. An aluminium base frame is quickly put together. High-quality material and a great processing provide for optimal fitting accuracy during assembly. The basic frame offers space for clamping a plastic tab. Here the printed textile banner is inserted in no time.

Your banner will be perfectly stretched and attractively illuminated. The even lighting enables highly efficient LED technology. These LED modules are not laboriously screwed together. With the PIXLIP Pop System they are attached to the background banner. The GO system has a LED strip which is inserted into the PIXLIP module.

The different systems differ in a few features. This is why the systems are so popular in the different fields of application. This makes it possible to specialize in a certain area. Equipped with a high quality textile print, you will bring your advertising message to light.

In the following we will explain the PIXLIP POP System and the PIXLIP Go System in more detail and differentiate them from each other.


The mobile banner frame PIXLIP POP can be called LED Roll Up. It is used at the point of sale or at fairs and events as an eye-catcher. Quickly assembled, two feet ensure a firm stand. It puts the conventional roll up banner with its backlighting by LED stripes in the shade.

With a weight of no more than 5 kg, the LED Roll Up keeps you flexible and mobile. In the supplied bag, the lighting system can be easily transported from one use to the next. Of course the system is also suitable for permanent use.

The quick change of banners recommends the PIXLIP POP as ideal advertising medium. The banner can be rolled up from bottom to top. A Block Out Banner prevents the loss of light to the back. So the advertising banner is in focus by concentrated luminosity of the LED modules.

Further PIXLIP systems

While the PIXLIP POP acts as a mobile advertising banner, the PIXLIP Go system is a modern modular system. Through the combination of different PIXLIP modules and additional accessories, whole exhibition stands can be designed with this system.

With the help of simple system connectors, light walls of different sizes can be connected. With the practical door set you can even install doors or quickly transform the light wall into a folding wall. There are no limits to the design of the trade fair wall, movable wall or illuminated wall.

Also with this system LEDs provide the notorious illumination of the textile banners. The borderless presentation is perfectly set in scene by the LED modules. By extending the system, huge motifs and graphics can be implemented.

Additional accessories, such as flags, print clips or brochure holders make your presentation perfect. For trade fairs the extension with an LED exhibition counter is suitable.

Innovative illuminated frames and lighting systems for your company

The illuminated frames set the scene for your advertising medium without borders. Through the attractive LED lighting, passers-by will notice your advertising even from a distance. Flexibility, mobility and quality are guaranteed by the PIXLIP systems.

Choose the suitable PIXLIP system for your purpose. Should it be a mobile LED Roll Up? Or are you looking for an illuminated wall in a modular system? We are happy to assist you with your decision.
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