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Our poster pockets are available in the most common formats. As a manufacturer, we also have the ability to produce acrylic pockets and PVC poster pockets in different sizes according to the customer's request and specification.

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Advantages of Plastic Poster Pockets

Poster pockets and price pockets are primarily used to protect print media from dust, dirt and moisture. They are produced from plastic, i.e. acrylic and PVC. These items are needed and used in the majority of business sectors to place advertising and product information in a highly visible, carefully and decoratively protected manner, close to the product at the point of sale (PoS). Find here a wide range of plastic, acrylic and PVC poster pockets and price pockets, as well as a variety of ways to attach the products using suction feet on smooth surfaces, hooks for hanging and suspending, and fastening loops.

Plastic Poster Pockets from Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of poster pockets, we guarantee their quality and will gladly and competently advise you on the selection of the most suitable product.


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