Professional Air Purifier "PLR Max" with HEPA Filter H14

Item number: 10.0537.45
  • filters 99.995 % of viruses
  • durable HEPA H14 filter
  • output infinitely variable according to room size and volume
  • cleans up to 5000 m³ air per hour
  • for large rooms up to maximum 800 m²
  • mobile and compact, fits through any standard door
  • adjustable day and night switching
  • suitable for rooms up to 330 m² with a room height of 2.5 m and a 6-fold air exchange per hour


Material aluminium
Surface powder coated
Colour RAL 9003 microstructure
Sizes 700 x 700 x 1.800 mm (L x W x H)
Room size 800 m²
Cleaning performance 5.000 m³/h
Separation efficiency 99.995%
Filter class HEPA-Filter H14 compliant with EN 1822 + prefilter
Filter levels 2 (optional 3)
Finish with infinitely variable power control (0-100%)
Features with touch display and indicator for filter change
Version with 2-stage filter system
Noise emission in decibels 33 - 66 dB
Sound pressure in dB(A) 26 - 65 dB(A)
Power input [W] 1340 W
Voltage [V] 230 V
Weight 140 kg
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Product Description

Air purifiers for the targeted improvement of air quality in large public and commercial areas (including canteens, refectories, retirement homes, cinemas, open-plan offices, fitness studios, etc.) In the basic version, filtration is carried out by a 2-stage filter system consisting of a pre-filter and aerosol filter (HEPA filter).

Optionally, the device can be equipped with a switchable UV-C lamp. Due to the extremely high air exchange rate of 5000 m³/h, the PLR Max is ideally suited for halls, halls, event rooms, canteens. Equipped with stable castors, the PLR Max fits through any standard door and is therefore mobile.

- Medicine (group practice, laboratory)
- Public (retirement home, nursery school/nursing home
school, museum)
- Commercial (open-plan office, cinemas, dance studios,

- Aerosols, viruses and bacteria
- Allergens (mould spores, pet hairs,
house dust mites, pollen, dust)


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