Rotating Fixture "Twister"


Height 8 mm

Product Description

Assembly instructions:
The 2 different bolt circles offer the use of short, self-tapping screws. Preferably choose flat, countersunk or pan head screws. Also gluing, spot welding, etc. can be done.

Upper and lower bearing surfaces in the area of the ball rotating element should be flat. With continuous, motorized drive lubrication with a medium-heavy oil is recommended! Coarse dust, dirt, paint, etc. can adversely affect the excellent smooth running and function.

Display stands, book pillars, advertising displays, built-in wardrobes, serving plates, TV sets, rotary elements for cloakrooms, in home and hobby areas, for industrial use.

easy mounting option, complete units, no individual parts, bearing parts firmly pressed, galvanized sheet steel, no breakage or leakage as with plastic.


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Variants Load capacity Item number Price  
90 kg 90 kg 10.0065.1 5,69 €* view Article »
135 kg 135 kg 10.0065.2 7,36 €* view Article »
225 kg 225 kg 10.0065.3 12,20 €* view Article »
330 kg 330 kg 10.0065.4 29,55 €* view Article »
450 kg 450 kg 10.0065.5 34,05 €* view Article »
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