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Safescan Money Scale 6185

Item number: 10.0172.6

Product highlights

  • money scale with adding function
  • sophisticated dynamic weighing system
  • self-calibrating design
  • including free MCS software
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Colour black
Width 151mm
Height 154 mm
Depth 245 mm
Application coins, banknote, roll of coins
Connection with cable and plug
Portable usage yes, with optional battery
Guarantee 3 years
Weight 0.65 kg

Product Description

The Safescan money scale 6185 is an integrated money counter. With the help of the practical scale you can count coins, banknotes, coin rolls and non-cash items such as vouchers. With the help of the free MCS software, the count can be exported and saved. For you, this means a fast, reliable and improved checkout.

Due to lack of concentration or stress, errors can easily occur when counting values manually at the end of the working day. With a value count by cash scales you can not only relieve your employees and let them go home earlier. In addition, the device is 100% accurate in counting your receipts.

In contrast to bill counters or coin counters, a money scale can be used in many different ways. Thanks to the dynamic weighing function, banknotes as well as coins are counted. In addition, it can also correctly allocate old and dirty or broken banknotes. Besides the EUR currency, the extremely practical machine can be used for many different currencies.

The suitability for different currencies makes the use of a money scale super attractive. It can be used at trade fairs, in retail or on business trips. The equipment with battery makes mobile use possible. Count sums reliably with the scale or carry out the daily cash closing with the Safescan 6185 device.



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