Salad Fresh Box

  • set of salad box, dressing box and fork
  • offers the possibility to transport salad and dressing separately
  • cover colour selectable in red or green
  • advertising on request
  • can also be used for other purposes

Product Description

Anyone who has ever considered taking a meal with them to work or university would have chosen this fresh box.
Because in the Salad Fresh Box, you can transport salad and dressing together without any problems and in a space-saving way, yet still separate from each other!
The small box with the dressing of your choice can be inserted into the colourful lid of the main box. This way you can mix salad and dressing just before eating and have a guaranteed crispy fresh salad!
Also the forgetting of a fork was prevented. This is jammed on the side of the cup and so always with you!

But contrary to its name "Salad Fresh", this box can also be used for muesli, yoghurt and the like. Simply exchange the enclosed fork for a spoon and you're ready to go!

For your personal advertising purposes a logo or similar is possible. Please feel free to contact us.

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