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SanySafe Replacement Canister

5 litres

Item number: 10.0544.10
  • for use with SanySafe devices
  • ready for use
  • effectively removes bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi & mould spores
  • suitable for all hygiene relevant areas
  • cleans room air as well as surfaces
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Material plastic
Colour blue
Size 195 x 145 x 260 mm (L x W x H)
Canister size 5 litres

Product Description

The replacement canisters for the operation of the SanySafe devices can be ordered in three different sizes. Choose the size that suits you best.
The SanySafe disinfectant was developed for the daily disinfection of surfaces and objects that frequently come into contact with hands. The combined action of alcohol (7%) and hydrogen peroxide (6%) guarantees effectiveness and excellent results in all conditions of use. Considering its properties, the product is suitable for use in offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, in the food sector - except direct food contact - and much more.

Ventilate the premises sufficiently after use. In case of access to the premises within 15 minutes after disinfection, the use of adequate respiratory protection is recommended. Avoid inhalation of the vapours.

Store the original tanks tightly closed, vertically and away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

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Variants Canister size Item number Item No. Price      
5 litres 5 litres 10.0544.10 56,30 €* view Article »
10 litres 10 litres 10.0544.11 92,50 €* view Article »
25 litres 25 litres 10.0544.12 187,50 €* view Article »
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