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Self-adhesive Masking Paper for shopping trolleys and baskets

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Product highlights

  • contact protection between handlebar and hands
  • self-adhesive & removable paper
  • pad with 5,10, 50 or 100 sheets
  • in white or pastel yellow
  • other block sizes on request
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Material thickness 80 gr
Width 150 mm
Length 210 mm
Print / motif 1c print

Product Description

Are you one of those customers who feel impaired by wearing disposable gloves or do you often welcome them in your market? However, experience shows that the handle of a shopping trolley provides a special breeding ground for germs and pathogens. Avoiding touching it prevents rapid transmission of diseases.

The clever cover paper for shopping trolleys and baskets offers a different and also ecological protection option. The self-adhesive papers are placed around the holding bar and thus prevent direct contact. Germs remain under the paper and you have a hygienic grip surface. After shopping, the cover paper can be easily removed without leaving any residue and the basket is ready for the next customer.

Install a dispenser for the masking paper in front of your retail outlet or give it to your grateful customers.

We are happy to offer you other designs and purchase quantities as well as labelling on request.

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Variants Base colour Number of sheets Item number Item No. Price      
white 5 white
40.1895.5 1,24 €* view Article »
pastel yellow 5 pastel yellow
40.1895.6 1,24 €* view Article »
white 10 white
40.1895.7 1,61 €* view Article »
pastel yellow 10 pastel yellow
40.1895.8 1,61 €* view Article »
white 50 white
40.1895.1 2,86 €* view Article »
pastel yellow 50 pastel yellow
40.1895.2 2,86 €* view Article »
white 100 white
40.1895.3 4,99 €* view Article »
pastel yellow 100 pastel yellow
40.1895.4 4,99 €* view Article »
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