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When it comes to putting posters in the right light so that they are clearly visible, showcard frames are the ideal advertising media: it doesn't matter whether it's about presenting special offers, weekly offers or special promotions in the shop window area or menus of restaurants, cafés or similar: the versatile selection of showcard frames is geared towards the most diverse areas of application.

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Versatile Showcard Frames

Many of the classic showcard frames allow for easy exchange of advertising. Use the frame again and again to present your current advertising or also to make information visible. We also offer showcard frames in special formats or poster frames for shopping trolleys: Decide for yourself for which advertising purpose you want to use the respective frames.

Showcard Frames perfectly set the scene for an offer

 Showcard frames are the perfect choice to really showcase an offer or promotion. The plastic showcard frame, for example, is a classic for price and product labelling: available in 11 different colours (including silver, chrome-plated and transparent), we offer you a wide choice so that you can adapt the colour of the product labelling to your market or themes. Or you can choose the "Style" showcard frame, a classic A4 showcard frame in a new design, available in a wide range of colours. When it comes to fitting out shopping trolleys, the showcard frames for shopping trolleys are a suitable choice: the double-sided poster frame allows individual advertising to be placed inside and outside on the head side of the shopping trolley; in other words, always directly in the customer's field of vision. The 2-part set is suitable for almost all common types of shopping trolleys; mounting and changing the paper is done without any tools. A showcard frame for aisle signage is the "Special Size" showcard frame: Available in various colours and widths, this practical showcard frame can also be used as a frame shelf barker.

Showcard frame as effective Advertising Media

Most models of plastic showcard frames are characterised by their simple design: After all, the focus should be on the offer and not the frame. In addition, the showcard frames are available in many different colours and partly also in different dimensions and enhance every advertising, information, text or picture poster.

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