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Showcase "LS"

Layout | Back panel

Product highlights

  • display case with lock
  • ideal for indoor use
  • silver anodised aluminium frame
  • with convenient sliding door made of ESG safety glass
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Material aluminium
Surface anodised
Profile colour silver
Opening sliding doors
Illumination no
Lockable yes
Number of locks 1
Weatherproof no

Product Description

The elegant aluminium info box with convenient sliding door serves as an attractive indoor showcase. Equipped with ESG safety glass and rounded corners made of plastic, it offers maximum security. In addition, the model comes with a lock and 2 keys. This means you can display your contents protected from unauthorized access.

Inside the display box, there is room for a large number of inserts in DIN format. You can get the boxes in 6x A4 up to a size of 24x A4. This way you can also display posters or placards comfortably next to each other. With the help of magnets, these can be easily attached to the rear wall.

As an alternative to a writable and magnetic backboard, there is also the option of a cork backboard. You can attach your inserts to the natural cork back panel with pins in any position. The contents of our "LS" display case can also be changed in just a few simple steps.

The convenient sliding door makes it easy to open and close the info box. A handle is attached to the second glass, minimising the risk of injury. Unlock the display case, slide it open and replace the contents - and you can draw attention to the latest information!

Your respective inserts always remain well protected behind the 4mm thick safety glass (ESG). The slim aluminium frame puts them in the focus of the viewer. The display case is ideal for use in entrance areas or corridors to present information in a simple way on a regular basis. Here, the displays invite passers-by to take a closer look at the contents.

Opt for our display case to pass on menus, schedules or info sheets in a highly visible manner. Choose between a metal or cork back panel and the layout of your choice.


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Variants Layout Back panel Item number Item No. Price      
6x A4 magnetic 6x A4
12.0001.381 198,80 €* view Article »
8x A4 magnetic 8x A4
12.0001.382 218,80 €* view Article »
9x A4 magnetic 9x A4
12.0001.383 269,00 €* view Article »
10x A4 magnetic 10x A4
12.0001.384 261,00 €* view Article »
12x A4 magnetic 12x A4
12.0001.385 261,00 €* view Article »
15x A4 magnetic 15x A4
12.0001.386 319,00 €* view Article »
18x A4 magnetic 18x A4
12.0001.387 361,00 €* view Article »
21x A4 magnetic 21x A4
12.0001.388 411,00 €* view Article »
24x A4 magnetic 24x A4
12.0001.389 449,00 €* view Article »
6x A4 Cork 6x A4
12.0001.390 198,80 €* view Article »
8x A4 Cork 8x A4
12.0001.391 236,30 €* view Article »
9x A4 Cork 9x A4
12.0001.392 248,80 €* view Article »
10x A4 Cork 10x A4
12.0001.393 281,00 €* view Article »
12x A4 Cork 12x A4
12.0001.394 361,00 €* view Article »
15x A4 Cork 15x A4
12.0001.395 361,00 €* view Article »
18x A4 Cork 18x A4
12.0001.396 411,00 €* view Article »
21x A4 Cork 21x A4
12.0001.397 481,00 €* view Article »
24x A4 Cork 24x A4
12.0001.398 535,00 €* view Article »
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