Showcase with "Security-Box" anti-theft Device


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  • alarm-secured showcase
  • unlocking by remote control
  • available in different sizes
  • incl. power supply unit
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With our "Security - Box" you get a new type of display case that protects your high-quality products from theft and improper use.
The showcase is available in different sizes and thus offers space for versatile equipment. For example, the showcase can be used for the prominent presentation of jewellery, glasses, accessories, cosmetics, medical items, smartphones and other high-tech products. An integrated cable feed-through also allows the exhibits to be safely supplied with power.

The "Security Box" is alarm-protected and can be unlocked by means of a remote control. The boxes can be programmed so that one remote control is sufficient to operate all the display cases used.

Each box has a separate power connection. Up to 8 boxes can be connected together via an optional switch. The switch can be ordered separately as an accessory.

The red and blue remote controls are required to operate the "Security Box". These are not included in the scope of delivery of the showcases.
You can find a remote control set or individual remote controls in our shop or under accessories.

The matching power supply unit is included in the scope of delivery.


10-0561-3 Security-Box EN


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Variants Finish Item number Item No. Price
Security Box "S" Security Box "S" 10.0561.1 274,00 €* view Article »
Security Box "M" Security Box "M" 10.0561.2 299,00 €* view Article »
Security Box "L" Security Box "L" 10.0561.3 411,00 €* view Article »
Security Box "XL" Security Box "XL" 10.0561.4 499,00 €* view Article »
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