Steripower Kit

Item number: 59.2495.12
  • suitable for hygiene stations "Score
  • incl. 12 medical pads
  • incl. charger for external battery charging consisting of mains adapter and charging cable
  • incl. fast charging battery with up to one month battery life


Features 12x Medical Pads, 1x charging cable
Features 2 1x external charger, 1x battery (12V - 7,0 AH)
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Product Description

Operate the "Score" hygiene stands in entrance areas with the matching Steripower Kit. With this kit you receive practical and necessary accessories for everyday use.

The 12 absorbent medical pads included are optionally placed in the collection tray of a hygiene display to absorb the excess liquid.
The Steripower Kit also includes an external charger with power supply unit and charging cable as well as a rechargeable battery (12V - 7.0 AH).

Charge the battery quickly and reliably and benefit from its long service life. Depending on the frequency of use, the battery promises to last several weeks.

Give your visitors the opportunity to disinfect their hands and equip your hygiene station with the high-quality Steripower-Set.


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