Below you will find pour range of stock pushers. These are great for a complete shelf management system. Saves time on staff having to face up the shelves as these spring fed pushers will push your stock to the front of the shelf when a product is removed.

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Stock Pusher "Push" - The perfect product pusher system for the PoS

Discover our product pusher system "push". With our push systems, products can be displayed at the fron of the shelf where they are expected to be by the customer.

Our Pusher are available in different standard lengths and with or without product stoppers.


What are the advantages through using the stock pushers?

  • the shelves always look full - better shopping experience

  • good visibility of the individual products

  • Simple to refill and manage products, especially for products with expiration dates

Which thrust strength I need for my product?

The required push force depends mainly on the weight and on the depth of each product. There are stock pushers with springs rated at 2N, 4N, 6N, 10N and 14N (Newton)

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