Below you will find pour range of stock pushers. These are great for a complete shelf management system. Saves time on staff having to face up the shelves as these spring fed pushers will push your stock to the front of the shelf when a product is removed.
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Stock Pusher "Push" - The perfect Merchandise Feed System for the PoS

Discover our "Push" stock feed system. With our stock pusher systems, products can always be placed at the Point of Sale exactly where the customer expects them. Right at the front of the shelf.

Increase sales with our pushers for product advancement and make shelf maintenance easier for your employees.

Our stock pushers are available in different, commercially available lengths as well as with and without front stoppers. We also offer two different heights for the front stoppers to achieve the best possible result.


What are the Advantages of Using Stock Pusher Systems at the PoS?

  • the shelves always look full - the customer feels in good hands
  • easier product search for the customer - good visibility of the individual products
  • simple and orderly replenishment, especially for products with expiry dates
  • reduction of costs due to the elimination of the perpetual bringing forward of goods
  • Individual adaptation to the individual products (different feed pressure, different front stoppers, easier removal)


What Thrust Force Strength do I need for my Product?

The required thrust force depends mainly on the weight and depth of the products. There is a choice of thrusts of 2N, 4N, 6N, 10N and 14N (Newton). Below we have compiled a table with recommended thrust force values. The values given assume smooth product packaging and shelf surfaces made of metal, glass or wood.

pushing force table
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