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Tent displays and A-displays made of acrylic and rigid PVC are items that are used in many areas in the business world. They are popular promotional displays for the table and counter and are infinitely flexible in terms of placement as they are manufactured in DIN formats. Special formats to customer specifications are also possible. As a manufacturer of the useful tent displays and tent display stands, we guarantee the quality of the products.

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Tent Displays and A-displays made of Acrylic and Rigid PVC

The tent stand got its name from the A-shape in which we produce it. As a manufacturer of these popular tent display, we know about the wide range of applications for these products. Tent stands made of acrylic, manufactured in the most common DIN formats A4 to A7, are beautiful table displays for individual sheets, coloured print media and information. They are also very popular as price displays or table name signs. The polished edges of the clear acrylic give the displays their elegant look. Equally practical, but lighter and less expensive, is the tent stand made of transparent or non-reflective rigid PVC. In terms of function, it is no different from the acrylic stand. We also produce the rigid PVC stand in DIN formats; you can get it in A6 to A9.

Individual Tent Displays from the Manufacturer

As a producer of tent displays made of acrylic and rigid PVC, we naturally also manufacture special formats on customer request within the shortest delivery times. We attach great importance to quality and clean processing. We would be happy to advise you.
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