Verkaufsautomat „FlexVend“ mit gefüllten Fächern

Window shopping reinvented

Vending Machine "FlexVend" - Finally sell larger items automatically

Sell more automatically - "FlexVend" vending machine with compartments

The vending machine for automatic vending of medium to large products...

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Advantages Vending Machine

Payment Methods

Contactless payment with card, smartphone or smartwatch

Online Planning

Define offers and discounts online


Online manageable, viewable and controllable


Easy to operate due to modern touch screen display

Shopping Basket Function

Multiple items purchasable at the same time

No Assortment Commitment

Modular compartments can be used for various products

Age Verification

optionally available for the vending machine

LED Illumination

attractive product presentation around the clock

Vending Machine Instead of Shop Window

  • can be integrated in the shop window
  • attractive product presentation through compartment cabinets
  • sales also after opening hours
  • applicable for different products

Select Modular Compartments in your Desired Size

  • compartments open automatically after payment
  • after closing the compartments, the customer receives his change
  • compartments can be refilled
  • attractive product presentation with LED illumination
Locker for Vending Machine in Size S

Among other things suitable for:

Gift baskets
Sixpack beverage packaging

Automatic compartment for window shopping in size M

Among other things suitable for:

Beer boxes
Drinks/wine baskets
Small shishas

Compartment Vending Machine With Large Lockers

Among other things suitable for:

Folding chairs

Sell products automatically & around the clock

The compartments of the FlexVend vending machine can hold the following products, among others:

Interactive Touch Screen Display

The easy-to-use touch screen offers great possibilities in advertising and promoting products.
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Unser Verkaufsautomat „FlexVend“ mit Schrankerweiterung

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