Adhesive Showcard C-Pocket

  • self-adhesive cover for posters
  • directly from the manufacturer
  • A0 - A7
  • individually printable on request
  • can be produced in special formats
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Material rigid film
Colour anti-reflective

Product Description

The anti-reflective and self-adhesive C-pocket is ideal as a poster pocket for your posters and advertising media in A0 to A7 format.
Use the C-pocket as an information display e.g. for your entrance, cash desk and sales area. Here you can publish hygiene regulations and information.
For this purpose, insert self-created information in the selected size into the pocket yourself. The C-pocket can also be used in the store for price labelling purposes.

The C-pocket owes its name to its simple shape. It offers protection against moisture, dust and dirt. The poster can be inserted quickly and easily from the side. Thanks to the fleece adhesive on the back, the information pocket adheres to all smooth surfaces and can be removed again without leaving any residue.

As manufacturer we guarantee the quality of the product! We use UV-stabilised materials. Special sizes or printed poster covers are also produced. Designs with magnetic tape are possible.


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Variants Insert size Orientation Item number Price    
A0 landscape A0
26.0039.1 7,43 €* view Article »
A4 landscape A4
26.0039.10 1,35 €* view Article »
A5 landscape A5
26.0039.11 1,04 €* view Article »
A5 portrait format A5
portrait format
26.0039.12 1,04 €* view Article »
A6 portrait format A6
portrait format
26.0039.13 0,89 €* view Article »
A6 landscape A6
26.0039.14 0,89 €* view Article »
A7 portrait format A7
portrait format
26.0039.15 0,85 €* view Article »
A7 landscape A7
26.0039.16 0,85 €* view Article »
A0 portrait format A0
portrait format
26.0039.2 7,43 €* view Article »
A1 portrait format A1
portrait format
26.0039.3 4,64 €* view Article »
A1 landscape A1
26.0039.4 4,64 €* view Article »
A2 landscape A2
26.0039.5 2,98 €* view Article »
A2 portrait format A2
portrait format
26.0039.6 2,98 €* view Article »
A3 landscape A3
26.0039.7 1,80 €* view Article »
A3 portrait format A3
portrait format
26.0039.8 1,80 €* view Article »
A4 portrait format A4
portrait format
26.0039.9 1,35 €* view Article »
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