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Digital Signage

The term "digital signage" refers to the use of digital media in public spaces. The technical implementation is usually done via large screens and projectors. Digital signage is mainly used in highly frequented places and traffic hubs such as public squares, railway stations or airports.

In addition, digital signage can also used in shops as additional information or for advertising purposes. An example of this is a monitor in a railway station bookshop, which alternates display information of current timetable information, news articles and advertisements for bestsellers.

A major advantage of digital signage is its flexibility: the content displayed can be exchanged or adapted at any time. Different advertisements or even complete commercials can be displayed at different times, tailored to the intended target group. For example: At an airport, advertisements for tourists are first displayed on a monitor with offers that address the needs of business travellers. If necessary, the same monitor can also be used as a signpost or to display delays.

Digitalise your Advertising Message

and attract the attention of your customers to your content!

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is often used as a synonym for the use of multimedia at the POS (Point of Sale). However, the generic term also includes the areas of electronic traffic signs, door signs and large-scale projections. The focus of digital signage is on networking in order to display information or advertising decentrally, e.g. on screens, under central control.

In this context, the terms electronic sales promotion and digital advertising are often used.

Electronic sales promotion includes all measures in the sales area that are taken with the help of multimedia devices to increase sales (screens, computers, sound systems). Here, the boundaries to the use of electrical sales promotion tools, such as illuminated advertisingspotlights, and LED technology merge. A popular combination is the combination of digital displays with brochure stands.

Digital advertising includes not only the types of POS activities mentioned here, but also all types of multimedia advertising.

The Advantages of Digital Signage

  • Offers extensive additional information as a video or in image form
  • Interaction with customers and interested parties in the form of touch panels
  • Rapid exchange of information
  • Comprehensive and simultaneous distribution of information
  • Entertainment
With the help of digital signage displays, you can provide your customers with extensive additional information. Have your company presentation played in the reception area or your product video at the trade fair. Because, as we all know, pictures say more than a thousand words.

With touchscreens, you interact with your customers and prospects. The operator calls up information that is of interest. E.g. application of tools or retrieval of a digital product catalogue. The information changes in a matter of seconds and is controlled across the board, simultaneously and centrally. This usually requires only the push of a button.

Digital signage screens are particularly popular in waiting areas. In surgeries, patients can usefully bridge their waiting times. In department stores, they inform passers-by about upcoming events and entertain with videos.

Your Entry into the Digital World

We skillfully support you in selecting the suitable visual concept for your entry into digital signage. Our multimedia products range from digital POS picture frames for the sales shelf to interactive, touchscreen-controlled info terminals. In addition to the versatile application possibilities, we pay special attention to individual design.

Digital Signage Advertising - Your Contemporary Communication Tools

Are you looking for digitalisation concepts that support communication with your employees and customers in an ideal and, above all, innovative and future-oriented way? Do you focus on digital info screens that encourage dialogue and interaction, and that quickly catch the eye of visitors? With a wide variety of digital signage media products, you have high-quality technologies at your disposal with which you can reach your target group faster and more effectively.
The digital signage solutions on our online shop helps you to realise your most important business objectives. It also helps you market in an effective, innovative and eye-catching way. Spread your messages digitally with the help of touch screens, multimedia players, media stand displays or even POS tablets. Show that you are up to date with the times and current technology. A development that you should not miss and that is particularly appreciated by your target group.

With Digital Signage you Carry your Message Perfectly

Nowadays, digital signage systems are used for digital communication and increased attention. E.g. in shopping centres, at trade fairs and events but also in hotels, training centres and retail stores anywhere in Europe. We help you to transport the messages with modern advertising displays, digital signage software or with digital displays for indoor and outdoor use.

Grab attention with a media stand display. In a wide variety of shapes, designs and with numerous functions, these digital products quickly attract attention at the point of sale. The Infopoint Eco 14" is a flexible information terminal for the POS / POI. With the 13.3 inch multi-touch PC with Android operating system and a powerful processor, you have countless application possibilities in digital signage at your disposal.

The media players with or without motion sensor are also very popular in companies, at trade fairs and events.

Take the PRO, for example, which combines all the requirements of a contemporary media player. It can be used in portrait or landscape format. The player has practical setting options such as playlists, convenient time control function and automatic import of new files via USB and WLAN.


Always on the Pulse of Time with Digital Signage

You too can rely on modern communication with digital signage solutions for you and your company. By using state-of-the-art displays and tablets, you can pass on information to your customers in an eye-catching and targeted manner.

With your finger on the pulse of time, you can ensure that customers are enthusiastic about your products and services with the help of modern, innovative digital signage technology. Take advantage of this opportunity and turn your messages into true experiences that will inspire employees, partners and customers alike.

Individual Digital Signage Solutions

As an expert in sales promotion, we offer you individual, tailor-made solutions in addition to an extensive selection of displays. With our own manufacturing capabilities in presentation display construction, almost all ideas can be implemented:
  • Manufacture of monitor racks in individual shapes
  • Printing on the units and frames

We offer you a full service in the area of programming and agency services:
  • Design, formatting and optimisation of your image and video material
  • Recording on memory cards and equipping the devices
  • Programming of applications and apps for your interactive media devices
Contact us! We will be happy to help you.

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