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Among our ESL fittings you will find the suitable fastening for your electronic price labels. The fixings and brackets are not only suitable for diverse applications, but also for different manufacturers. Discover solutions for shelves, pegboards, floors, ceilings or boxes.

Various well-known manufacturers have established themselves on the market for electronic price labels. They offer you state-of-the-art labels for digital price labelling. The Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) enable uniform, centralised control of prices in a matter of seconds.

We guarantee you an easy changeover from analogue to electronic price labelling with precisely fitting attachments. In this way, the price label can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the product or directly on the product.

We manufacture ESL fittings for these and other manufacturers of electronic price labels:



Befestigung für die ESL Labels von Fremdhersteller


ESL Befestigung für elektronische Preisschilder eines Fremdherstellers


Befestigung für digitale Preisschilder am Teeregal


Digitale Preisschilder mit Regalbefestigung


esl displayed with cheese


esl attached to pegboard hook


electronic shelf label hanging on wire

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The right fastening for every price tag

To attach the price tag in close proximity to the product, we offer ESL fittings for every application. Use our clamps and hooks to attach the label to the respective product carrier. Or place the electronic shelf label directly in the customer's field of vision with a counter display.

Discover the right fastening for your shelving system, your shop fittings, your business now:

Befestigung für digitale Preisschilder am Regal

Rails for Shelving Systems

Kistenklemme für digitale Preisschilder

Crate clamps, Hooks & other Fasteners

ESL Fittings für Lochwandhaken an der Lochwand

Adapter for Pegboard Hooks

Digitale Preisschilder an der Deckenschiene befestigt

Ceiling and Poster Rails

Elektrisches Preisschild am Thekenaufsteller befestigt

Supports for Table and Counter

Bodendisplay für ESL Labels und elektronische Preisschilder

Floor Displays

Individual fixings for your electronic shelf labels

Your application area has special requirements for an ESL mounting? You want to attach the digital price tag directly to a special product? Thanks to many years of experience and our own production, we can offer you ESL fittings individually tailored to your business.

Finding solutions together

Prototype development and series production

Fasteners for every application

Extensive know-how in the field of ESL

With our knowledge and experience, we are at your side from planning to implementation. Together we will find the optimal mounting for your digital price labelling. Let us inspire you with our manufacturing and finishing options.

ESL fittings directly from the manufacturer

Have you discovered the right fastening for your price labels and your area of application? We will be happy to advise you in your search for the right fastening for your digital price labelling. With many years of experience and a wide range of manufacturing options, we are the right partner for the fastening of electronic shelf labels. Contact us now and you will soon receive custom-fit fastening solutions for your price labelling.

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