Shopping baskets belong in every supermarket, discount store and retail outlet. With a practical shopping aid, shopping is simply easier in all urban living conditions.

After all, customers want to transport their products easily and comfortably. Discover the right shopping basket for your company now!

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Influence the Buying Behaviour of Customers in a Targeted Way

With the help of shopping baskets, you can optimise the processes in your company and influence buying behaviour. They are part of the basic equipment of every shop and accompany the customer in his purchase decisions. The right shopping basket can help to make the customer's stay pleasant.

This also influences the length of stay. The longer the customer roams your aisles, the higher the probability that further purchases will be made. For this to happen, certain conditions must be met.

First, the customer should not be stressed and there should be a suitable aisle structure. An important aspect of ensuring that the customer is not stressed is that their purchases are well stored.
Grocery Basket

The customer should have his hands free and thus be able to fully concentrate on the assortment of goods. A shopping basket with an appropriate volume offers enough space to store the purchases comfortably. A shopping basket with wheels offers additional comfort during the shopping tour.

The grocery basket accompanies your customers from the moment they enter the market until they pay at the checkout. Not only does it offer a high level of convenience, it also facilitates what happens in the market. The shopping baskets can easily be provided by the staff at the entrance. After the customers have paid, the grocery baskets with their light weight can be conveniently placed at the entrance again.

For you as a business owner, it is certainly crucial that the shopping baskets can be stored in a space-saving way. It also makes sense to print a logo on the grocery baskets to strengthen the bond with your store or chain. The logo print on the shopping baskets solidifies the image of your company in the minds of customers and visitors.

Optionally printable

Space-saving stackable & stowable

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Finding the right Shopping Basket

Every customer has different needs, every market branch is different. So it is important to find the ideal shopping basket for your market branch. You can choose from a wide range of different items. Choose from different materials, colours and shapes.

Are you looking for a classic grocery basket with a handle? How much capacity should the shopping basket have? Would you like an item with printing? Whether you want a grocery basket with handles, wheels or a sustainable shape, we are sure to have the right basket for you.

What material should your shopping basket be made of? You can get models made of wire or plastic in our online shop. Furthermore, wicker or willow picnic baskets are very popular. The natural material is particularly popular with some target groups.

However, it should be noted that the individual items are not stackable. Classic shopping baskets made of plastic or metal, on the other hand, can be stacked to form high towers.

The plastic shopping baskets also have a particularly light and pleasant weight. Wire baskets are more stable in comparison and also enable carefree grocery shopping. Thanks to the practical push handle, they can be stored in the basket stacking trolley to save space.

A sustainable alternative to plastic baskets are our baskets made of recycled material. They are made from 100% recycled PP and are available in different colours. Waste products are used to create a fully functional plastic shopping basket. The production without the use of petroleum is resource-saving.

The recycled grocery basket can in turn be recycled, thus closing the cycle of recyclable materials. Our environmentally friendly plastic shopping basket can also be printed on request. Present yourself as the environmentally conscious company you are with our recycled plastic grocery basket.

Plastic Shopping baskets printed with Company Logo

Like most of our products, our plastic grocery baskets can of course also be customised. For the model of your choice, you can decide between various predefined colours and shopping basket models.

Our grocery baskets are made of high-quality materials and can be printed with your desired motif.

Our hand-held grocery baskets offer different sized areas for printing. Choose an attractive print on the side parts and/or the front and back. With many years of experience in the field of printing and sales promotion, we are your partner.

By placing your logo on the plastic shopping basket, you can expand the awareness of your company. With the help of printing, you have the opportunity to reinforce your company image in the minds of customers. Through the positive shopping experience that a shopping basket contributes to, you will be positively remembered by your customers.

Whether it's a picnic basket, a carry bag or a classic folding basket - we are happy to print the shopping baskets individually with your company name or logo. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us your print data or use our graphics service.

Roller Baskets: The rolling Shopping Basket

Plastic shopping baskets with wheels offer high mobility and are a pleasant companion when shopping. The roller baskets are easy to pull behind you. Even fully loaded and with a heavy weight, the grocery baskets are still pleasant to use. In addition, they are available with various capacities in the online shop.

Due to the high mobility, the space-saving storage and the large capacity, the roller baskets are suitable for various industries. Inside the rollable shopping baskets, there is room for large and small products of different types. The lightweight plastic shopping baskets are available in various colours and can be optionally printed.

The Roller Baskets can be used either with a carrying handle or with a handle bar for pulling. The four wheels at the bottom of the grocery basket are flexible and manoeuvrable. A practical, versatile and mobile plastic shopping basket for a suitable shopping experience.

Retail Shop Equipment

Shopping baskets offer many different advantages. They are stackable and thus enable particularly space-saving storage, for example in the practical basket stacking trolley. There is also an enormous convenience advantage for the customer. And you have the opportunity to enhance the customer's shopping experience.

Provide your customers with a pleasant atmosphere and the best possible equipment in your market. High-quality furnishings and equipment in your establishment will help you score points with employees and customers. You offer employees more comfort in their daily work and customers a pleasant feeling when shopping.

Printing your logo on the shopping baskets makes it possible to clearly assign the equipment to your business. In addition, you provide a free branding effect for customers and passers-by. Provide a sturdy, high-quality as well as comfortable shopping basket for your customers.

Discover the positive effect a selected grocery basket can have on the shopping experience. Create a pleasant shopping atmosphere for your customers and invite them to stay longer in your store. Ensure a positive impression with every purchase. In this way, you can strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and turn new customers into regulars.

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