Our unique FlexiSlot® slatwall system is a system that offers you a wide range of options for presenting goods in a way that promotes sales. The walls are complemented by an extensive range of accessories with which you can customise your slatwall. They can be used in various areas as displays, wall versions or counter displays.
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High-quality slatwall for your shop

Slatwalls are popular elements in the area of shop fittings. Unused wall or floor space can be effectively used for various purposes with the versatile displays. At the same time, the merchandise supports attractively showcase your products and offers and immediately attract the attention of customers. The flexible design of the displays creates a real eye-catcher at your point of sale (POS).

The FlexiSlot® system is based on a coloured profile with grooves. The individual profiles are assembled to form entire slatwalls and merchandise displays. Product holding displays such as hooks, shelves or brochure holders can be hung in the grooves of the wall. The simple attachment ensures that the design can be flexibly adapted and changed.

While the slatwall profile only contains the plastic slats, a tile is an extension of this. Here, the coloured profile is framed by a filigree aluminium profile. This gives the display a noble touch. A wooden back panel provides additional stability. Countless different models of the FlexiSlot® system have been created on this basis.

Unique slatwall system - from a simple merchandise display to a trade fair stand

Meanwhile, you don't just get the profiles or tiles in our online shop. There is a large number of floor displays, wall versions, table displays and associated product holding displays to discover. You can even discover complete solutions, i.e. slatwall including accessories, in our online range. With one purchase, you have everything you need for a high-quality product presentation.

In addition to various stand models, mobile product displays are becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with castors, the slatwalls can be moved and transported as required. This can be an advantage both for stationary use and at trade fairs or events. In addition, the quick assembly and disassembly of the displays is an advantage there.

In this way, the FlexiSlot® product presentation can be quickly transported from one trade fair to another. It thus becomes an attractive eye-catcher at your exhibition stand. Choose from various mid-space displays or even models for hanging in your trusses. The flexible attachment of the accessories means that new types of presentation are always possible for different articles.

Not only at trade fairs will the slatwall become a long-lasting companion for the presentation of products and offers. The changeability of these goods displays always attracts the attention of existing and potential customers. A wide selection of displays allows you to make the best possible use of your sales space.

Sustainable presentation of goods

We offer a wide range of products made from renewable raw materials. The products are marked accordingly in our shop.


  • sustainable slatwall made of bio-plastic
  • consists of renewable raw materials
  • helps protect finite raw materials
  • can be combined with sustainable accessories

Shopfitting to suit your taste

Many standard colours and a wide range of accessories provide countless options for the design of the slatwall. The possibility of freely designing your display creates a product display entirely according to your wishes and specifications. You can not only adapt articles to your products, but also to your CI design. Especially in department stores or at trade fairs, this ensures a high recognition value for your brand.

To find the slatwall for your POS or salesroom, you should first determine the exact area of application. Do you want to create additional presentation space on the sales counter? In this case, table and counter displays can draw the eyes of your customers specifically to the goods placed there. Gift cards and vouchers as well as smaller items can be attractively presented with our slat wall hooks.

Often blank walls in salesrooms are unused space where products can be displayed. Equipped with a FlexiSlot® tile or with a rotatable wall element, this area immediately becomes an attractive goods display. Equipping the slatwall with product holders and/or brochure holders makes it suitable for a variety of purposes. In addition to the presentation of goods, posters or brochures can also be presented on the slatwall.

Use the potential of the slatwall for your product presentation

Another option for using unused space to promote sales is column cladding. While columns block the view in the shop, with a FlexiSlot® column cladding you direct the eyes of customers and visitors to your goods. Here you even create a versatile sales display for your point of sale.

In addition, we offer you various centre displays to give your shop fittings an appealing and modern design. Here you will encounter a large selection of different displays that are suitable for placement with hooks, shelves and more. Discover revolving towers, displays including equipment or half-height elements. Some are also available in combination with stretch frames or printable presentation surfaces.

In addition to the items described above, we also offer mobile elements. Are you looking for an easily transportable slatwall or a version with castors? Our merchandise displays accompany you at events, trade fairs or for mobile use at your sales area. The castors make it easy to move and rearrange the displays at the respective location.

Do you have a very precise idea for your slatwall? Due to our own production, we can fulfil individual wishes at any time. In addition to the standard colours, any other RAL colours can be applied to the slat wall profile. Special measurements or dimensions can also be realised at any time. We will be happy to advise you on individual enquiries.
standard profile colours of our slatwall

Design your slatwall individually

After selecting the desired slatwall, the next step is to equip it with attractive merchandise supports. If you purchase a complete solution, i.e. display including accessories, you are spared this step. Otherwise, you now have the option of assembling the necessary items for your slat wall yourself.

As a rule, most people choose to equip the merchandise display with hooks. These are easy to hook into the grooves and the goods can be displayed. Depending on your needs and the size of the goods, you can get the slatwall hooks in different lengths, as double hooks or including a swinging price pocket. In addition, the hooks are available in metal or plastic.
oblique view of our FlexiSlot profile
Easy hooking of accessories into the FlexiSlot slatwall
  • large selection of different hooks for your slatwall
  • price labelling possible in direct proximity to the product
  • easy fastening of the merchandise supports and quick rearrangement of the product presentation
  • merchandise holding display that can be used for various goods in the long term
  • accessories are also suitable for other systems such as the Spacewall slatwall
Your products do not have blister packaging? In addition to the classic hooks, our slatwalls can be designed with shelves, goods chutes or boxes. Shelves, for example, are ideal for displaying goods such as shoes on you. Suspension arms, on the other hand, offer the possibility of conveniently attaching clothes hangers to the slatwall.

Thanks to the large selection of merchandise carriying displays, our FlexiSlot® system can be applied to any industry. We are guaranteed to supply the appropriate display to showcase your goods perfectly. Discover the many freedoms offered by the FlexiSlot® slatwall system. Purchase your slatwall directly from the manufacturer and let us provide you with expert advice.
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