A spit guard ensures more hygiene in every shop. Especially in the food sector, the presentation of goods in compliance with hygienic guidelines is indispensable. For this reason, counter tops made of high-quality acrylic or Plexiglas® are used everywhere in the catering trade, bakeries and bake shops. The counter tops function as a protection against dripping, sneezing or against coughing.

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Shopping with high hygiene standards

Discover now the ideal product for your needs. The spit guards are available in hinged versions, with or without pass-through, and for sales counters, cash registers or tables. Be inspired by our solutions for your business.

In addition to our product display stands, we offer many articles for hygiene protection at the cash register and counter. Well-placed and high-quality products can help to maintain a pleasant shopping atmosphere. At the same time the health of consumers and employees is protected.

Hygiene protection and standards are terms that are becoming increasingly important. Following these trends is the key to maintaining customer confidence. In most cases, this requires an adaptation of the shop or office equipment.

The maintenance of hygiene standards extends from the entrance area to the goods counters or product shelves and right through to the checkout area. As a salesperson, it is important to create uniform standards here in order to protect customers and employees at the same time.

Of these areas, the checkout area is certainly the area where there is the most contact with the customer. This is where protective articles achieve their full effect. The checkout area naturally varies from shop to shop. For this reason, we offer products with different installation options in our range. Due to the flexibility of the products, the protective articles can not only be used to distinguish between visitors and employees.

Offices are another field of application of the above mentioned articles. With a spitting protection for the desk, office workers remain shielded from each other and can continue their work unimpeded. For the various desks and furnishings there are solutions for fixing to the ceiling, desk stands or transparent floor stands.

Flexible use & easy installation

In addition to suspensions, protective screens and stands, movable walls for table and counter are also available. With the many different articles, we would like to offer you as many options as possible in the design of your shop fittings.

The small partitions act as spit protection for the counter. The stands are simply placed on the counter and consist of a transparent plate with a frame. Depending on the model, they provide a different distance between the counter.

Other classic stands in the cough protection or sneeze guard category also offer complete protection without a pass-through. With the appropriate holder, these can be easily used on any counter or table. A non-slip base or suction cups ensure that they can be held on any surface.

If you do not want to restrict the space on the counter, choose a protective screen. The pane is simply suspended from the ceiling and thus protects without taking up space elsewhere.

The many possibilities for fastening are extended by the flexibility of the material. The material, Plexiglas® or PET G, looks modern and sterile due to its similarity to glass. It places the goods in the foreground and thus serves as an optimal product carrier.

Product Display Stands with potential

You have many different options when presenting goods with covers. There is a choice between single or multilevel displays. In addition, the covers are available in various shapes and types.

In the assortment you will find models with only front protection or models with extra side protection. This means that only your own personnel can access the goods and the food is protected all around. This sets new hygiene standards.

The covers not only protect, but can also provide additional space as product display stands. By placing a cover on the counter, new sales space is created that complies with hygiene guidelines.

But there are not only display units with one shelf. Do you want to present your products on several shelves in a space-saving way? There are many different solutions for this in our range.

Our products are also suitable for advertising campaigns and special goods. They can also be used to carry on with advertising measures in the shop room while maintaining maximum cleanliness and tidiness. As usual, placing the goods on the counter puts them in the field of vision of customers. In the course of this, their attention is drawn.

Hygiene protection in different forms

In the following, we would like to introduce you to particularly current articles from our range in more detail. Especially in times of virus diseases or the generally known wave of influenza, nothing beats sufficient measures in terms of hygiene. The following articles will help you to implement them in your company.

The protective display "cash desk" with pass-through is the optimal attachment and protection for the cash desk area. The attachment protects your customers as well as the company's own employees. The employees are not only protected at the front, but the model "cash desk" also offers lateral shielding. The exchange of goods, papers or means of payment can take place through the pass-through at the bottom edge of the protective "cash desk" display.
Spuckschutz Thekenaufsatz mit Durchreiche

Instead of being mounted on the counter, the protective acrylic panel is mounted on the ceiling. The pane is available in different lengths and widths. Holes in the pane make it easy to suspend the pane from the ceiling using wire or chains. No space is "sacrificed" by the counter.

A classic spitting and sneezing protection is the product carrier "Arvens". More than ever before, it is important to pay attention to hygiene when offering products on the counter. The cover made of acrylic is equipped with suction cups and provides front and side protection from external influences. With this product, your goods can be presented on three levels and protected at the same time.

We offer different covers for different goods. Find the right spitting protection made of Plexiglas®, acrylic or PET G for your company.

Products directly from the manufacturer

As the manufacturer of these products, we guarantee the quality and are happy to advise you. Our articles are completely manufactured in Germany. For this reason, there is nothing to stop us from making separate products, which we then produce and deliver especially for you.

Do you need a special article or an option for hanging on your shelf? The suitable spitting protection has not yet been found? Contact us and ask for your personalised spitting protection or counter top. We would be happy to produce a spit guard with extra pass-through or a model in special dimensions for your desk.

With many years of experience in the field of shop fittings, we are happy to provide you with our ideas and possibilities. Your area of application presents a special challenge? We are happy to produce exclusive custom-made products. Contact us or ask for your individual customised display now.

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