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Perfectly Accentuate the Name: Name Badges

Whether with interchangeable insertable labels, with metal clip, magnet, lanyard or with pin. Narrow and discreet or large and eye-catching. The selection of name tags is just as versatile and varied as their area of application.

After all, they are your business cards and your printable ID at trade fairs, events and training courses. They are just as much in use there as they are at conferences, in the catering industry, in the healthcare sector or at large events. Our articles can be attached to ties, shirt collars or lapels via suspenders clip or holder. Thus, as practical badges, they discreetly point out the name.

Our online store offers you and your company the most diverse forms and variants. A wide selection of printable items in your company's corporate design- choose your favorite now.

For printing, the name badges offer a different size surface. We distinguish here between full-surface, partial and non-printable articles. The range is supplemented by models with paper inserts. These are particularly suitable for temporary use.
Are you looking for a model that can be used again and again? Name badges with paper inserts can be used for a long time in the company for different events. The paper insert can be replaced again and again and can therefore be used by different people.

These name badges can become part of the exhibition or business equipment as generally usable items. You can design the paper inserts as you wish and thus equip the badges uniformly in the CI design.
Of the available articles, some of the name badges are suitable for exclusive printing. Materials such as aluminium or plastic are printed with high quality and present your motif in the long term. Your name is thus immortalised on the badge in an appealing way. The name badge is therefore not flexible in use, but is suitable for exactly one person in your company.

The printable articles become a long-term companion for your employees. As a personal companion for employees, they are an important element at exhibitions, conferences or in everyday working life. Our high print quality ensures that your motif is reproduced in the best quality over the long term.
As a further selection option, there are models that combine the properties of the types described above. The high quality of the printable name badges and the flexible use of the paper badges are combined. These are badges that have both a printable area and a paper insert.

Print the name badge with your slogan or logo. As part of the business equipment, the sign can be passed around again and again. All you have to do is replace the paper insert inside the model. You can present yourself and your company professionally again.

Name Badges as far as the Eye Can See

Name badges are available in a wide variety of materials: in addition to aluminium, the most common materials include acrylic, hard foil and textile. The selection of the right badge for you always depends on the area of application.

Do you want the name badge to emphasise a special elegance? Then the "Plexiprofile" name badge model will be the right one! The combination of crystal-clear acrylic and a curved profile ensures a particularly high-quality design. Inserts can be changed from the side in the classic way.

But maybe you want a sign with a practical metal clip? The magnetic PVC name badge is suitable for this need. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a practical table name sign, the tabletop name badge "Papyrus" is the right choice. The relatively large paper insert can be replaced again and again.

Should it be a true classic? With or without paper insert? The Polar® name badges stand out with their harmonious design and high quality. Choose from various Polar® articles and even more variations.

With the different options for fastening, you decide whether you prefer magnetic name badges or articles with a pin.

The extensive range is ideally complemented with matching accessories such as card yo-yos, ID card covers or lanyards. The ideal complete set for an expressive name badge!

Decide on the name badge that best presents you and your company. After all, this is also something like your business card. Therefore, you should not save time and care when choosing high-quality name badges.

A well-chosen badge with a high-quality look can be the basis for your business success. Even before the first personal meeting, a name badge can be your door opener for a positive contact.

Functional and flexible - the right name badge for you

As a specialist for name badges "Made in Germany", we have therefore designed our portfolio specifically for your needs.

Choose a name badge as a professional companion for your next seminar, congress or customer visit.

Make a name for yourself with our high-quality badges.

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