Poster stands and poster displays can be used flexibly, quickly attract attention and arouse the curiosity of customers in an unobtrusive way.
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A Poster Stand for a strong Presentation

Even in times of digitalisation, poster advertising is a very popular and effective option for sales promotion. The eye-catching print media attract attention and can be changed in no time at all. The presentation is expressive and adaptable. The only difficulty is usually the search for a suitable framework for the advertising media.

First of all it should be considered where the poster stand is to be implemented. Is an outdoor or indoor poster display required? Should it also be weatherproof so that it can be used in all weathers? In the multitude of floor displays there are some outdoor displays that are weatherproof  due to certain profile technology.

Where is the display positioned? Depending on the location, two-sided or three-sided models are better suited to attract passers-by than one-sided models. Placed at the entrance or on a wall, however, a one-sided item would be sufficient. So with how many sides do you want to draw attention to your offer, your company or special promotions?

Should accessories be included? When advertising with posters, practical brochure compartments or flyer holders can be extremely effective. The passers-by are not only addressed visually, but they can also take something home. The flyer or brochure is guaranteed to remind people of the poster's message for a long time to come. Other accessories such as wheels or a header sign also differentiate the poster stands from each other.

In which size do you want to advertise? There are poster displays in various sizes. A4, A3, A2, A1 and many other formats are standard sizes in our range. The inserts in the various formats fit perfectly into the click frames of the advertising displays. You want to exchange your advertising medium? With the simple snap-frame technology, this is possible in seconds.

Replace Posters quickly and easily

Displaying or posting posters makes quick adjustments possible. It therefore functions as a flexible advertising medium that is easy to handle. This makes the poster stands perfect for drawing attention to campaigns, offers or information again and again. Quickly printed out, the posters can be presented directly in the matching floor display.

This requires only little effort. First, the individual frame parts of the display are unfolded. Then the old poster is removed and the new poster can be inserted. In most cases, a protective cover can be placed on top of the new poster (especially useful in outdoor areas). Finally, the parts of the frame only have to be folded back and the poster change is done.
Easy change of advertising content on poster stands

After the poster change, the old posters can usually be stored away again. The protection in the frame and the use of a protective cover keeps the posters and notices in good quality. Thus, nothing stands in the way of reuse.

The type of replacement described above is used for most poster stands. Some models allow the change of posters via a slide-in on the side. In this case the old medium is simply removed from the frame and the new one inserted. In total, several different change options are used in our range. However, all of these options are extremely quick and easy to use.

Flexible Poster Stands of all Types

There are various models of poster stands for different advertising messages and locations, in which the advertising media are optimally presented. While table stands can be placed on counters and tables, floor stands are positioned anywhere in the sales room, in front of the entrance or in public facilities.

Although the poster stands are placed on the floor, they are still visible to the customer. Most poster stands display the respective poster at the optimum height and therefore catch the eyes of passers-by. Important information or advertising posters are thus effectively communicated.

Placing the poster stands can have a direct effect on your sales promotion. This requires an optimal placement of the floor stand and the full exploitation of the potential in poster advertising. The various models of advertising stands can help you to achieve this.

For example, should the poster stand be discreetly integrated into your office or business area? Then the advertising stands that can be removed on both sides are a suitable option for you. Or are you looking for a versatile poster stand for the 360° presentation of your motifs?

Multilateral stands are suitable for presenting your products all round. We have various product solutions for this application, such as our versatile triangular stands or complete, modern information pillars.

After receipt, the poster stands and information pillars can be easily set up in the entrance area, public facilities or in business premises. Most of these products are indoor poster stands.

The weatherproof pavement signs and Wind Signs are suitable for outdoor use. In warm summer days, people in pedestrian zones and promenades can be made aware of your shop, restaurant and offers. And even if it rains, the outdoor displays can be left outside. At night or during heavy storms, the pavement displays can be easily folded up and stowed away inside.

The above-mentioned poster stands can be extended with matching accessories. In this way, you can take not only the advertising stand but also your poster advertising to the next level. In addition to protective covers for your posters, you will also find base plates, brochure hangers or header signs as accessories for the poster stands.

With the accessories you have the possibility to further underline your advertising message. This can be done with brochures and flyers, with blister hooks for products or with the help of a header board. Other extensions of the floor display units serve to support the handling. These include replacement covers or base plates.

Discover the Advantages of modern Poster Stands and Advertising Displays

When it comes to presenting posters or information of any kind as conspicuously as possible, poster stands are the ideal choice. In addition to their ideal presentation, the floor stands are characterised by their easy handling and flexibility of use.

Thus, poster stands are hardly to be imagined without in the modern presentation of your offer. Here you will find the right information stands for your company, for the next trade fair, event or meeting.

Benefit from the stable construction, the advanced technology and the modern design of the products offered here. Become aware of the field of application of your poster advertising. Where would you like to advertise? And how do you want to advertise? Just send us an enquiry and we will help you to realise your ideas directly.
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