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Use our shelf edge strips and label holders to price your goods at the PoS or in the warehouse area. We are available to advise you personally! Just give us a call!
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Shelf Edge Strips: Price labelling in Retail

Shelf edge strips have become indispensable for clear price labelling in the retail stores. Unobtrusive in the background, the strips hold price labels and price tags in place.

Price rails are also used to communicate offers. Usually placed directly under the product, sometimes above it. The customer should ideally have the associated price directly in view when looking at a product. 

The transparent front panel offers a clear view of the inserted paper labels. The front panel is directly connected to the back panel. To insert the labels, simply fold down the transparent front panel slightly. Insert the paper label, release the front panel and the label stays in place.

The back parts of the price rails are usually also transparent to be as inconspicuous as possible on the shelf. We also offer a choice of white for many models. This can help to create a uniform presentation of the price labelling on different shelves.

Would you like label holders in your CI colour instead? We are also happy to offer you individually manufactured back sections. Alternatively, you can also use coloured insert strips. We offer these on rolls in various standard colours.
shelf edge strip with adhesive tape mounted on shelf

with Adhesive Tape

shelf edge strip for price labelling on wire baskets

for Wire Baskets

shelf edge strip for glass shelving

for Glass and Wooden Shelving

shelf edge strip mounted on metall shelving

for Metall Shelving

You provide the Shelf and we provide the suitable Shelf Edge Strip

With over 300 different profile types in our range, we can always find the right fixing for every type of shelf. We offer shelf edge strips with various fastening options. Self-adhesive shelf edge strips are one of the most common types of fastening. In our online shop you will find various versions of self-adhesive shelf edge strips with three different types of adhesive.

The fleece tape is a standard tape for all permanent applications on smooth, polar surfaces. The foam tape is suitable for all permanent applications on smooth as well as on rougher surfaces. The textile tape is a universal adhesive tape for all permanent applications on smooth, rough and fibrous surfaces.

Our range also includes shelf edge strips for price labelling of wire baskets or for the refrigerated area. These are clipped on at the designated point. Models for metal, glass and wooden shelves are also clipped onto the shelf and thus secured.

For metal shelves, price rails with magnetic tape offer a popular alternative fastening. The magnetic shelf edge strips can be easily placed anywhere and removed again without any effort. This variant is particularly well suited for time-bound and changing labels on the shelf.

Shelf Edge Strips made of various Materials

In our range, you will not only find rails with various fastenings. We also offer the rails in various lengths and heights. There are also various options to choose from when it comes to the colour of the rails. In addition, we have expanded our range to include the material PET.

The features of PET Shelf Edge Strips include:

✓ high UV protection
✓ thereby a special longevity
✓ highly transparent front panel
✓ in the long term provides a clear
    view of the price labels

With the expansion, we are striving to be able to offer every customer the right profile for their area of application. At the moment, the product selection is under construction. Are you already interested in other versions, such as shelf edge strips made of PET and recycled material? Please feel free to send us your enquiry!

Label holder: multi-talent in Use

It is not only in shops that matching shelf edge strips ensure that goods are clearly labelled. They are also used in warehouses to mark shelves and storage spaces. Regardless of whether the storage areas are small or large. The price rails enable flexible and clear labelling of shelves.

Shelf edge strips are firmly glued, clipped or magnetically attached to the storage locations and then marked with barcodes. Your warehouse staff can now conveniently hold the scanner in front of the shelf edge strip. The goods can then be removed from the shelf for picking. In addition, the rail protects the barcode from dust and dirt.

If the warehouse is used as a sales area or hall for self-service, the shelf edge strips also serve as orientation for your customers. The precise labelling makes it easier to find the desired goods and thus enhances the customer's shopping experience. Benefit from the easy installation of the rails and the quick exchange of the labels.

Discover shelf edge strips for all leading systems in our online shop. We offer custom-fit profiles e.g. for metal shelving and Linde shelving. Whether for clipping onto glass or wooden shelves or with adhesive tape for mounting onto various shelf types. Find shelf edge strips for every shelf. We will be happy to advise you on planning and selecting the right strip.

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